Women's Sports

Here at SportRx we are all about celebrating athletes. Today on February 6th we celebrate all women athletes on National Girls and Women in Sports Day! We’re raising our glasses to you ladies who are out there breaking down walls and stomping on stereotypes. Women's sports can be largely overlooked, but that doesn't stop you from shattering new records while riding motorcycles, cycling in triathlons, running trails, and deep-sea fishing. We see women like you making a difference in women's sports around the world. So, to celebrate this awesome day, we found these 7 inspirational ladies taking their love for women's sports to a whole new level.



She may be little, but she is fierce folks! The first lady to kick off this countdown is @MotoMaycie26. This little 5-year-old boss rules the motocross track on her dirt bike! We love that she is finding her footing in a male-dominated sport and loving every minute of it.




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The next women's sport is one of our favorites - cycling. @LauraCoxUnofficial is a bad @$$ on her road bike. Whether she’s riding an open road or battling through a pack, @LauraCoxUnofficial is looking sharp in her bicycle kit and holding her own as one of the few female cyclists here.




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@Ulli.Steiner is a lover of women's sports! She can be found all over the world hiking, surfing, biking, and skiing across the globe. She’s got it going on. In the winter you can find her leading ski lessons in Austria!


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This mountain-loving lady is always on the move! The true weekend-warrior, @Eunji_lim is always pushing the limit out in nature each weekend as she finds a new trail to hike and a new mountain to conquer. Women's sports come in all shapes and sizes, and clearly, so do the athletes!


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Women's sports are not limited to land. Out in the deep blue sea, offshore fishing, is where you’ll find this woman athlete. But don’t be fooled, this lady is no “lady-in-wading”, @VeronicaBlaze is everything her name suggests, the unceasing passion of an angler who fishes with the best of them.


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Speaking of passion @TrackClubBabe comes full force when she’s in her running shoes. No matter the terrain – beach running, road running, trail running, and beyond, this lady loves a good run.


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Last but not least is this woman who knows all too well that "green means go!". @Mariell02 is a professional golfer from Norway who shows power and prowess on the green. It's an exciting time to be a woman who golfs, and women like Mariell are helping drive a new perception about this women's sport.





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