As a parent, finding the right eyewear for your son or daughter can be a daunting task. There are many options, which can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. What makes it more difficult is if your child is actively engaging in sports or other activities where their glasses can become damaged. Worse, when they're on your kid's face. Fortunately, there's Wiley X. They pride themselves in making eyewear that is tough enough to perform under pressure. Even their ballistic line is the number one choice for United States military officers. Now with the Wiley X Youth Force collection, the Fierce glasses are perfect for young children that don't let the rough and tumble get in the way of having fun. Find out more about these amazing kids glasses right here.

Wiley X Fierce - Ready for Play

Wiley X Fierce

Wiley X Fierce in Dark Silver/Red with Clear Lens

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The Wiley X Fierce glasses is your best bet when it comes to glasses that offer maximum safety and optimal vision. These glasses come with polycarbonate shatter-resistant lenses coupled with a high-impact frame for a pair built for taking a beating. The design of the frame offers a low-profile style, with straight-back slim temples. That way if your child wants to go for a bike ride, these glasses fit comfortably under their helmet. A unique feature about these glasses is that they double as sports goggles. They come with a removable elastic strap, which makes them perfect to wear if your child is competing in sports like baseball, soccer, or football.

Frame Dimensions

  • Frame Width: 52mm
  • DBL (Distance Between Lenses): 18mm
  • Temple Length: 135mm

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Need prescription sports glasses? Our opticians will gladly custom-build your Wiley X Fierce prescription sports glasses. our opticians are here 7 days a week and are ready to assist you with everything you need. Check out the Wiley X Fierce glasses at SportRx today!