Put on your XL beanie and grab your gear because winter is here! That speed you’ve been itching for can finally be satisfied with the much anticipated return of fresh powder. And to match your craving, we’ve got the best snow goggles for big heads coming right up.

Table of Contents

1. Oakley Fall Line XL
2. Anon M4
4. Dragon X2
5. SPY Legacy
6. Giro Contact
7. Oakley Flight Deck

Do you have trouble finding the right fit for your big head? Luckily for you, several SportRxers struggle with their large noggins too, so we’ve decided to share some XL secrets. Stick with us to find out which 7 snow goggles Sunglass Rob and Tyler have deemed worthy to embrace your big head.

Oakley Fall Line XL

It’s hard to beat the optics of the Oakley Fall Line XL snow goggle. If you’ve never experienced Oakley’s PRIZM lens tech before, buckle up for the most vibrant ride of your life.


Oakley Fall Line XL snow goggles

Oakley Fall Line XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Persimmon Lens

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Oakley Fall Line XL Key Features:

  • Cylindrical, rimless design allows you to quickly scan your surroundings so you don’t have to take out that little shredder coming up on your right.
  • Ridgelock lens swap technology ensures you can charge the mountain without harsh weather interfering with your vision.
  • PRIZM Snow lenses provide crystal-clear vision in any condition from bluebird to whiteout.

Anon M4

It’s no surprise the Anon M4 won SportRx’s snow goggle of the year. Steezy style on the outside, fantastic features on the inside, these puppies are worth the price. Everyone’s been there—you’re working up a sweat as you carve down the mountain and as soon as you’re up on that ski lift, you’re shaking like Shakira. A large to extra large fit and prescription insert ready, what are you waiting for?

Anon Optics M4 Toric Snow Goggle

Anon M4 in Black Pop with PERCEIVE Sunny Red and PERCEIVE Cloudy Burst Lenses

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Anon M4 Key Features:

  • Comes with a premium MFI (magnetic face integration) mask you can quickly pop on and off to keep your teeth from clattering.
  • If you like to swap your lens according to light conditions, these bad boys have got you covered. They come with dual lenses which makes it easier than ever to ride because of their magnetic lens tech.
  • An extra-deep nose pocket ensures a comfy fit if your nose shape matches your head size.


SMITH isn’t messing around with the I/O Mag XL snow goggles. Brimming with innovative features, your time on the slopes will be smoother than ever.


SMITH IO MAG XL snow goggles

SMITH I/O MAG XL in Black with ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror + ChromaPop Storm Yellow Flash Lenses


SMITH I/O MAG XL Key Features:

  • Spherical lens coupled with anti-fog tech gives you a crystal clear view of your winter wonderland.
  • Magnetic lens design makes it easy to swap in a pinch.
  • ChromaPop lens technology enhances color in such a gnarly way, you’ll feel like you step back in time when you take them off.

Dragon X2

Take a walk on the wild side with the Dragon X2 snow goggle. These goggles not only look rad but they’re also packed with performance features that will enhance your snow game. They’re super prescription insert compatible and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on their Lumalens color optimizing lens tech.


Dragon X2 snow goggles

Dragon X2 in Collegiate with Lumalens Silver Ion + Lumalens Flash Blue Lenses

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Dragon X2 Key Features:

  • Thanks to armored venting, your face foam will stay dry and comfortable.
  • Easily interchangeable lenses are coated and secure so you don’t have to deal with frustrating fog.
  • Lumalens tech was developed especially for snow, granting unbeatable color and contrast in any condition.

SPY Legacy

SPY Legacy snow goggles have all the throwback vibes and are quite possibly the largest fit you can find out there. Picture it—you just strapped in at the top of the mountain, you’re about to start your run, and you’re soaking in that breathtaking snowy view. Not only does the expansive field of vision help, but that giddy feeling bubbling up inside is probably the HD+ lens tech working its magic.


SPY Legacy Snow goggles

SPY Legacy in 25th Anniversary Black Gold with HD+ Bronze w/ Gold Spectra Mirror and HD+ LL Persimmon w/ Silver Spectra Mirror Lenses

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SPY Legacy Key Features:

  • Peeved by smudgy fingerprints? Legacy has a fingerprint-free Lock Steady lens change system for speedy and simple lens swaps.
  • HD+ lens technology filters out harmful blue light while letting in the beneficial blue light to give you an improved mood on top of how well you’re shredding.
  • Notches in the temples allow for OTG integration, but why stop there? Get a prescription insert instead.

Giro Contact

Attention to detail is key with the Giro Contact snow goggle. New season, new snow goggles? Giro Contact is ready.

Giro Contact in Black Wordmark with Vivid Ember + Infrared

Giro Contact in Black Wordmark with VIVID Ember + Infrared

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Giro Contact Key Features:

  • VIVID contrast-enhancing lens technology speaks for itself on the slopes.
  • Magnetic lens interchangeable system allows you to adapt to changing light conditions with ease.
  • Mostly rimless frame design and spherical lens gives you that highly sought-after clear peripheral vision.

Oakley Flight Deck

For that slick aesthetic everyone loves, Oakley Flight Deck snow goggles have style on lock. The mountain is your playground when you realize your full potential with the Flight Deck.


Oakley Flight Deck snow goggles

Oakley Flight Deck in Matte Black with PRIZM Snow Torch Iridium Lens

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Oakley Flight Deck Key Features:

  • Huge surface area of a rimless, fully spherical lens ensures you’ll have the full expanse of nature at the corners of your eyes.
  • Have we mentioned how incredible PRIZM lens tech is? Oakley has colors specific to your environment down to a science.
  • Ridgelock Technology makes swapping lenses quick and easy without annoying gaps in the goggle for cold air to come through.

Prescription Snow Goggles at SportRx

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