Tinted Safety Glasses: The Best Lens Colors for Safety Glasses

Tinted Safety Glasses, Prescription Safety Glasses Online, Bolle Safety Glasses Clear lenses are most common when it comes to prescription and non prescription safety glasses; however, tinted safety glasses can be super beneficial if you work in an environment where you need either brightness protection or enhanced contrast vision. The color of the lenses on tinted safety glasses will differ according to the light conditions of your work environment. Here is a list of color options for tinted safety glasses and the work environments they perform best in:

Amber / Yellow Tinted Safety Glasses help increase brightness, contrast, and depth perception.  Lens colors from the amber and yellow family allow a lot of light to pass through the glasses, and are therefore great lens tints for low-light work environments. For example, amber or yellow tinted safety glasses are best if you primarily work indoors, in overcast weather, or in the shade.

Grey Tinted Safety Glasses are great for brightness protection in sunny, outdoor work conditions. Grey lens tints allow the least amount of light to pass through the lenses, providing you with the most brightness protection in tinted safety glasses.

Brown / Rose Copper Tinted Safety Glasses can also provide some brightness protection, although they allow more light to pass through the glasses than do grey lenses. However, the benefit of brown or rose copper tinted safety glasses is they enhance contrast vision, which is great if you work in the sun but oftentimes find yourself in the shade.

Green Smoke (aka G-15) Tinted Safety Glasses are a middle-ground option between brown lenses and grey lenses. Green Smoke or "G-15" tinted safety glasses provide more brightness protection than brown tinted safety glasses, and they provide more contrast vision than grey tinted safety glasses. Green smoke is a neutral lens color, and therefore does not alter the way you view color – so don’t worry – the world won’t turn green when you look through green tinted safety glasses!

Transistions Safety Glasses / Photochromatic Safety Glasses

Transitions safety glasses (or photochromatic safety glasses) have lenses that self-adjust to adapt to changes in light conditions. Photochromatic safety glasses provide you with maximum versatility, as they lighten or darken depending on your light conditions. So if you find yourself constantly going indoors and outdoors or in and out of the shade, Transitions safety glasses are a great option. There are three varieties of Transitions / photochromatic lenses that you can get in your safety glasses. Go here to find out more about the different types of Transitions lenses. Have more questions about tinted safety glasses? Feel free to call us, shoot us an email, or send us a LiveChat! Our happy opticians are here to help!