SportRx is dedicated to supporting local athletes and bike commuters. We are an official Support and Gear stop for the Trek Century Race as well as for San Diego's Bike to Work Day.


Every day, the SportRx S.A.G. stop is stocked with free granola bars, fruit, water, and APX Sport Drink for the 3,000-4,000 cyclists who ride by each week. Our doors are also open to anyone who needs to put air in their tires, use the facilities, or to those who just want to say hi!

So if you're ever riding in the neighborhood, stop by and refuel!

San Diego Cycling, Rose Canyon Bike Path

San Diego Cycling, SportRxSan Diego Cycling, SportRx

Trek Century SportRx S.A.G. Stop, Trek San Diego

Trek Century SportRx S.A.G. Stop

Trek San Diego S.A.G. Stop

Cyclists at the Trek Century SportRx S.A.G. Stop