The Best Lens Colors for Golf Sunglasses

Brown: When it comes to golf lenses, contrast is the name of the game. Colors, such as amber and brown, are great lens tints for golf sunglasses. Each of these colors heightens contrast, making them very effective when you’re on the fairways and reading the green. They are also great for distance vision. Not only do they improve contrast on the grass, but also up against the blue sky so you can actually track your ball in the air. The great thing about these tints is there is no significant alteration of your vision of true colors.

Rose Copper: See the world through rose-colored glasses. Rose Copper lenses are great when you’re on the putting green, as they allow your eyes to extract red and yellow tones within the color green. What does that even mean? It means they enable you to see the contours of the course and better read the breaks and grains on the green. Keep in mind that as you’re wearing these lenses, you will see the things around you with some rosy hues.

Greens and Grays: Green and gray lenses are not typically ideal for golfers. However, if you have extremely light-sensitive eyes, or you’re in very bright conditions, these lenses are great for protection from brightness. The awesome thing about them is they have very minimal color distortion while also promoting some improvement in contrast.


To sum it up, green and gray lenses are fine if you need that extra brightness protection, but amber, brown, and rose copper lenses will help you lower your score with sharper contrast. Once you experience the benefits of a SportRx lens, you’ll be shaving strokes off your game and looking stylish while you do it! Feel free to call us up for more advice on choosing your next pair of golf sunglasses!