Simple tennis tips for beginners that can rapidly improve your tennis skills.

Are you looking to raise a racquet and understand the love for the game of tennis? SportRx brings you 5 tennis tips to make sure you don't get served out on the court!

Tip #1: Dynamic Tennis Warm Up

A dynamic tennis warm up is a MUST thing to do before you start playing. It is an essential component for your health. The propose is to fully prepare your upper and lower body for constant moving and stopping on the tennis court and help prevent injuries. This whole process should take around 15-20 minutes depending on outside conditions.

Tip #2: How to Hold a Tennis Racket Correctly

Many beginners come out to a tennis court and start hitting balls right away. They grab their racket where it feels comfortable to them. Yes, it may feel alright in the beginning but it could lead to wrist injuries as you play more and more. Here is the correct way on how to hold a tennis racket:

Tennis Tip Forehand

If you are right handed, take the racket into your left hand and hold it straight in front of you. Take your right hand and wrap it around the handle like you are shaking someone's hand. Make sure that you grip it on the bottom of the handle. This should put your heel pad and your index knuckle into the right position. After doing this, you will achieve the correct Eastern Forehand grip. The king of this sport Roger Federer uses this grip along with many other players. If you are left handed do the same thing but vice versa.

Tip #3: Proper Tennis Shoes

For some of you this might seem trivial. A lot of beginners do not realist how important it is to wear the right type of tennis shoe. Tennis shoes provide better stability for you ankle and support for the vigorous moves like running, stopping, and starting that you will be doing. The wrong pair of shoes can result in injury.

Tip #4: Have Fun

The classic but true cliche. As any other sport, tennis, is difficult to master. This particular sport requires a lot of psychological attributes but most importantly you need to have FUN. The love for this game is a key component for improving your skills. Over the past years, the game has become something else. It can provide a living for those who play or coach at the highest level or it could be a way to college scholarship. But first, tennis is a wonderful game, from which we should obtain enjoyment.

Tip #5: Wear Tennis Sunglasses

A lot of people don't realize how harsh the weather conditions are on the court. First and foremost, it's important to always keep your eyes protected and safe from harmful rays. On the performance side of tennis, don't let the sun or any shadows interfere with your game. Wearing glasses on the court can bring an advantage to your game. Sport sunglasses can reduce any glares and even help the ball really pop. If you're struggling with contacts or just your vision in general, you can even get prescription tennis sunglasses! SportRx has top brands like Bolle, Adidas, Oakley, and everything in between for your vision needs! If you have any questions just contact a certified optician! Don't get served!