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golfing sunglasses

Golf Sunglasses Buyer's Guide | How-To Buy

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Suglasses for Golf In the world of golf, there are some key tools that’ll help in lowering your handicap, golf sunglasses being one of those key tools. But not just any ordinary pair of sunglasses that you happen to have in your center...

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Golf Sunglasses: Polarized or Not?

A common question we get asked is, “Should I get polarized golf sunglasses?” Like all good questions, the answer is maybe. The science behind polarized lenses is that they cut out the horizontal wavelength, which affects your vision and blocks out harsh glare derived mainly from light bouncing off chrome...

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Prescription Golf Eyewear: Frame Your A-Game

Prescription Golf Eyewear: Everything You Need to Know Coppers, browns, and ambers are ideal lens colors for golf There's a few things you need to consider when getting a pair of golf sunglasses or prescription golf sunglasses. We're here to help you dive in a little deeper to the world...

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How to Choose Best Lens for Your Favorite Shades

Choosing the Most Optimal Lenses Let's face it. You're active, you want sun protection and we understand that here at SportRx. As athletes ourselves, we understand your position, whether it's on the green, the diamond, or on the trails, and crafting lenses for each environment is our strong suit. If...

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