Prescription Spy Happy Lens

Happy Lens Technology is designed to take you higher and elevate your riding experience, so you can fully enjoy doing the things you love. SPY snow goggles and SPY MX goggles will enhance your performance on the slopes or out on the dirt tracks in more ways than you could imagine, thanks to the unbeatable frame construction and SPY Happy Lens technology.

SPY Happy Lens | All the Benefits

SPY Happy Lens | Here’s How They Work:

While enjoying while enjoying out outdoorsy, adventurous lifestyle, we’re exposed to sun’s good and bad rays. Shortwave blue light and ultra violet lights are considered the “bad” rays, whereas, long-wave blue light is beneficial for us when it enters our eyes, making them the “good” rays. SPY answered to this science with the creation of the SPY Happy Lens. This innovative lens technology works to lets in just the right about of good rays, while still blocking the bad. By letting in the good rays, SPY Happy Lens promotes balance in the body, which ultimately provides us with an enhanced mood and alertness. Not only do these lenses make you feel better, but the SPY Happy Lens also creates an unsurpassed color enhancing and color contrasting experience that you can “feel” from the second you put them on. See Better and Feel Better with the advanced SPY Happy Lens technology.

SPY Happy Lens | A Lens for Every Condition:

Sunny Conditions - SPY created a Happy Lens specifically catered to the sunny, bright days on the slopes. These lenses feature a darker tint and stronger mirror coatings to shield your eyes from bright sun. This SPY Happy Lens will exceed your expectations of everyone’s favorite bluebird days on the mountains!

Mixed Conditions - Another type of SPY Happy Lens was created for “mixed” weather conditions. These SPY lenses are dark enough to shield your eyes from the sun, all the while offering increased contrast for when the clouds roll in. With this SPY Happy Lens, you won’t have to worry about swaping your lenses to cater to the conditions of the day, making them a great choice because of their versatility.

Flat (or low-light) Conditions - No sun, no problem. SPY’s flat light (low light) lenses are specifically catered to enhance contrast and optical clarity on those grey, snowy days. Don’t let the gloomy days keep you locked up in your cabin. Seek increased visibility with the Flat Light SPY Happy Lens.

SPY Snow Goggle Favorites

SPY Ace Snow Goggles

Pick this card and draw the Ace. The Spy Ace snow goggle is the optimal winter activity goggle for many reasons: comfort, style, and protection. The Ace lens is equipped with anti-fog lens through its excellent ventilation to ensure no annoying fog blockage while you conquer the slopes. The Ace goggles are extremely lightweight and provide superb comfort with the face foam and silicone ribbing. The Quick Draw lens changing system makes changing old lenses practically effortless. The lenses are large and flat to offer pure linear visibility. SPY Ace snow goggles are styled with a cool, modern design that makes them unforgettable.

SPY Ace Snow Goggle, SPY Snow Goggles

Ace Snow Goggle Features:

- Scoop Venting

- Quick Draw Lens Changing System

- Flex Frame

- Anti-Fog Lens

- Sic Lens

- Face Foam

- Silicone Ribbing

- 100% UV Protection

- Rise Ventilation

SPY Bravo Snow Goggles

The SPY Bravo is a midsize goggle that features the Lock Steady™ technology–the quickest, fingerprint free lens change system on the market. A free premium bonus lens allows you to adjust quickly to changing conditions. With Lock Steady™, just touch the button for a simple release. The lens is spherical shaped with anti-scratch protection to provide crystal clear vision while you cruise down those pearly white slopes. The Bravo lens will look after your eyes with the 100% UV protection and are compatible with all popular helmets on the planet. The color and style combinations are endless, so you have your own groovy pair to match your own funky style.

SPY Bravo Goggle, SPY snow goggles

Bravo Snow Goggle Features:

- Available with the SPY Happy Lens™

- Custom Built from flexible polyurethane

- Features Lock Steady™ quick-change lens system

- Anti-fog 5.5-base ARC® spherical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection

- Free premium bonus lens

- Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece

- Silicone-ribbed strap

- 100% UV protection

- Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet.


SPY MX Goggle Favorites

SPY Ace MX Goggles

SPY Ace MX goggles equipped with all the technology and protection available, making them a top of the line choice. The Ace MX is built from flexible polyurethane and features the Quick Draw™ lens system, which makes changing and replacing damaged, old, or unwanted lenses a breeze! The lens offers the cutting edge anti-fog Superior Injected Curve (SIC™) to ensure all wearers that fog will never be an issue. The Ace MX’s sleek lens provides 100% UV protection and is compatible with any helmet you desire. The lens, frame, and strap style & color combinations are vast, so you can ride with your own unique style and flair!

SPY Ace MX Goggles, SPY MX goggles

SPY Ace MX Goggle Features:

- Built from flexible polyurethane.

- Quick Draw™ lens change system.

- Rise™ ventilation system.

- Anti-fog Superior Injected Curve (SIC™) cylindrical lens with anti-scratch protection and posts.

- Quad-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece.

- Silicone-ribbed strap.

- 100% UV protection.

- Free bonus lens and nose guard.

- Includes 10-pack of tear-offs.

- Compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet.

SPY Klutch MX Goggles

The SPY Klutch MX goggle is a beast to be reckoned with on the track or the trails. A free bonus lens keeps you going whenever and wherever. Custom built from a flexible polyurethane frame for a lightweight and comfortable fit. Features patented Scoop ventilation system, which makes them anti-fog. Equipped with scratch resistant Lexan® lens to provide constant supreme visibility. The Klutch MX will always protect your eyes with the 100% UV protection. Compatibility with all helmets make the Klutch MX goggles a must have!

SPY Klutch Goggles, SPY Klutch prescription goggles

SPY Klutch Goggle Features:

- Custom built from a flexible polyurethane frame

- Patented Scoop® ventilation system

- Anti-fog scratch resistant Lexan® lens with posts

- A free bonus lens

- Geo-Force™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece

- Silicone ribbed strap

- 100% UV protection

- Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet

- VLT: 38% (Smoke with Red Spectra) and 90% (Clear)

- Light Conditions: Sunny and Night

SPY Prescription Goggles

Whether your passion resides on the slopes or cruising through ruts, you can't go wrong with whatever pair of SPY goggles you decide to go with. Need SPY prescription goggles? We're more than happy to create the perfect pair of prescription goggle inserts for your favorite SPY goggles. If you have any further questions about this incredible innovation, feel free to give our fantastic sports opticians a call. We’d love to talk further details, and even guide you in the right direction toward owning a pair of SPY snow goggle or SPY MX goggles, catered specifically to your riding and style needs.