Renowned for its fit and durability, SPY General sunglasses offers great versatility. Whether you're using them outdoors, for work, or for everyday use, General offers premium construction and material that will last all day long. Keep reading to find out more about SPY General sunglasses.

SPY General

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SPY General

A signature to NASCAR driver's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Collection, SPY General sunglasses offer up a great mix of protection, performance, and durability. For starters, they supply 100% UV protection which minimizes any damage from the sun and keeps your eyes fresh and healthy. Additionally, SPY's patented 8-base polycarbonate ARC® lenses are tapered to allow for wider visibility from all angles. Lastly, the General is built from TR- 90 Grilamid® material which makes them super lightweight and great for both a powerful and flexible frame, making it perfect for everyday use.

Where does this pair of sunglasses rank in terms of protection? The SPY General is nominated for the 2020 REXY Award for Best Safety. Check in later to find out if they claim the hardware.

SPY General in Soft Matte Black with Happy Grey Green Polarized Lens

SPY General in Soft Matte Black with Happy Grey Green Polarized Lens

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Key Features

• TR-90 Grilamid® frame material - durable & flexible
• 100% UV protection
• Lenses allow you to view at wide angles

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