In this day and age, the priceless protection and vision enhancement offered by sports goggles and prescription sports goggles have become a necessity out on the court, field, or wherever your game resides. Wearing a pair of sports goggles shows that you mean business, and we're here to help you discover the best brands and features to look for in an essential pair of sports goggle. ProGear, Wiley-X and Bolle are popular eyewear brands that offer unbeatable sports goggles. They are on a mission to end sports related eye injuries because if you weren't already aware, they are far too apparent. Sports goggles like these can help do just that. Here's the low-down of some recommended prescription sports goggles:

ProGear Sports Goggles

Progear EyeGuard Kids prescription glasses

ProGear Eyeguard

With ProGear sports goggles, worrying about poor vision compromising your performance is a thing of the past! These sports goggles offer maximum safety with shock-dampening features and impact-resistant frames, and are ideal for protection and comfort with their dynamic design, advanced glazing technology, patented lens locking systems and high quality safety lenses. You are guaranteed to get top-notch protection with these top quality prescription sports goggles.


Wiley-X Sports Goggles

Wiley-X is also known for crafting sports goggles that give their wearers a stylish, protective look with a splash of attitude. Used by police enforcement and in tactical arenas, Wiley-X has proven their powerful protection capabilities time and time again. Wiley-X has a wide range of frames that are extremely versatile and made to succeed in nearly any intensive, action-packed environment. Wiley-X offers climate control frames, light adjusting lenses that are also changeable, polarized lenses and top down ventilation, all while meeting rigorous ASTM F803 Safety standards. These comfort and safety innovations Wiley is known for is why they are one of the leading providers in protective eyewear.

Wiley X Fierce Prescription Sports Glasses

Wiley X Fierce

Each pair of Wiley-X sports goggles is intended to provide the best protection possible, ensuring your safety. The Wiley-X Fierce and the Wiley-X Flash are some of the many goggles made to protect you when it matters. With safety polycarbonate lenses, the option of earpieces or full wrap strap and the ability to convert from a spectacle to a goggle, it's no surprise that these frames excel in the world of sports.

Wiley X Flash Prescription Glasses. Prescription Sports Goggles

Wiley X Flash

Bolle Sports Goggles

For 120+ years Bollé has built and sustained a reputation for providing high-quality sport and lifestyle eyewear. Every aspect of Bollé frames is made to deliver precise vision in the most demanding physical activities. These frames will provide the best possible eye protection to insure your focus stays where it needs to, the game.

Bolle Swag Prescription Goggles, Bolle Basketball Glasses

Bolle Swag Prescription Basketball Goggles

Bolle Swag sports goggles are a brilliant masterpiece that exudes excellence and an attitude to be dealt with on the court. You won't want to mess with someone wearing these - you'll clearly be outmatched. These frames are an essential buy for anything court related - basketball, squash, tennis, racquetball, basically any situation where you can get a ball to the eye. They provide a comfortable feel to protect you from any blow, whether it's from a ball or a human being! Keep in mind next time you’re playing without protective eyewear, eye-patches just aren’t as trendy as they used to be and being called four-eyes is better than being called one-eye. Just sayin.

All of these models you see above are ASTM F803 certified so you can rest at ease, knowing that your eyes will be protected while playing the sports you love. Get out there, throw any pair of these bad boys on, and leave it all out there on the field. Your opponents will be sorry if they even think about calling you "four eyes". We don't advocate violence by any measure, but if anyone is getting a black eye, it certainly isn't you, my friend. Be safe out there!

Need a pair of prescription sports goggles? SportRx is your go to. Shop our collection of sport goggles online at SportRx or give one of our friendly opticians a call for some help in the right direction. We're here for you and we care about your eye safety!