SportRx, The Leader in Prescription Sports Eyewear, Launches Innovative and Interactive Website That Puts Customers in the Optician's Chair

April 10, 2013-(San Diego, California) SportRx, the leader in prescription sports eyewear for over 17 years announces the rebrand and relaunch of an innovative and interactive web site aimed to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. SportRx services all sports, from cycling to skiing to youth, and offers the widest selection of stylish and high-performance frames from partners that include Oakley, Bolle, Rudy Project, Ray-Ban, Smith and more. Equipped with a world-class team of sports opticians working in the most advanced lab in the industry, SportRx uses cutting edge techniques to minimize wrap distortion and customize lenses within the broadest range possible for each prescription and eyewear model.

The forward-thinking new web site is unlike anything the eyewear industry has seen. Immediately from the home page, the customer is put in the driver's seat to narrow the gap between him or her and an optician during the shopping experience. After the customer enters their eye prescription and answers a short online evaluation into the 'Prescription Analyzer,' SportRx recommends the best eyewear options for the user. Next, the site provides options and offers multiple photographs and vantage points of each frame and lens to help customers select the optimal sunglasses for their prescription, facial features, sports, and lifestyle.

As sharp as 20-20 vision and inspired by the ultra-stylish SoCal sports lifestyle, the home of SportRx, the rebrand elevates SportRx from the best to even better. President, Dan Bruton comments, "SportRx is already the best in prescription sport sunglasses and goggles, but we aren't satisfied being the best. We have the most amazing lab in the industry. We have the most amazing team of sports opticians. And, we just innovated our site beyond anything the industry has seen. We are leading the industry with an interactive experience that allows the customer to have more control and choice in the selection process of their eyewear."

Leading the SportRx team of Certified Opticians is Rob Tavakoli, who has worked in the eye industry since 1996 and is also an avid cyclist. Speaking to SportRx's ability to create lenses that go beyond perceived limits, Tavakoli says, "If it can be done, we can do it! We push both the limits and technology further than anyone to provide customers with exactly what they need and the styles they crave."

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About SportRx

SportRx is the best provider of prescription sports eyewear. For over 17 years SportRx has serviced all sports, from cycling, skiing, motorsports, running and youth, and offers the widest selection current eyewear styles to meet your prescription needs and eliminating traditional inserts. SportRx lenses minimize wrap distortion while placing your prescription directly into sunglasses and goggles. Customized prescription goggles and sunglasses allow you to choose the latest, coolest, and best-looking styles for your sports and lifestyle. Our online Prescription Analyzer allows you to customize and select the lenses and frames you need from the comfort of home, or speak on the phone to our team of Certified Opticians who will help you select your optimal sunglasses based on your prescription and needs. SportRx is cost-efficient, convenient and provides professional support from a team that knows exactly what you want and need.