Snow season is just around the corner so get ready with the Smith Turbo Fan Series. These ski and snowboarding goggles don’t disappoint. They are unreal and unlike any other goggles. The Turbo Fan Series consists of four different models: Phenom, Prophecy, Knowledge and (drum roll please) the Smith I/OX Elite Turbo. (Check out the video below for our full Smith Turbo Fan Goggles Review!)

Smith Optics would hate for you to crash and burn on the slopes because of your goggles fogging up, so they developed the Turbo Fan Series! Turbo Fan Series goggles are all equipped with a microelectronic fan which is designed to exhaust all the hot, moist air outside the goggle, virtually eliminating fogging issues. The best part is that it works fantastic!

The two-speed turbo fans are placed on housed inside the top of the goggle frame, and the battery pack is on the side of the strap. There is no need to worry about losing or forgetting a charger at home for your goggles because all they take is two AAA batteries. You might ask how long does the battery last? Well the answer is 50 hours with the fan running constantly on high. This means you can enjoy the slopes without worrying about fog impeding your vision for more than two days straight of nonstop skiing. Take that, fog!

Smith Turbo Fan Series Prescription Goggles

Smith Turbo Fan Series Snow Goggles | SportRx

The Smith Phenom, Smith Prophecy, and Smith Knowledge Turbo Fan goggles are equipped with all of Smith’s bells and whistles. Smith’s vaporator lens technology and special silicone bond between lenses creates a perfect seal to ensure no leakage and promote fog-free vision. Plus, the Porex filter enables you to conquer any conditions because it's a one-way valve stabilizer for differences in elevation, temperature and pressure.

The main difference between the Phenom, Prophecy, and Knowledge is that the Phenom and Prophecy goggles have spherical lenses, while the Knowledge has a cylindrical lens. So what does that even mean? Cylindrical lenses curve across the goggle from left to right, however they are vertically flat between the forehead and nose. On the other hand, spherical lenses curve from left to right and top to bottom, creating more volume inside the goggles, which means less fog.

While the features in the Phenom, Prophecy, and Knowledge are incredible, the Smith I/OX Elite Turbo Fan goggle is equipped with absolutely everything you could imagine. The I/OX Elite Turbo is one of the most popular ski & snowboard goggles here at SportRx. The fan system in the I/OX Elite was developed for the military. It sits flush on top of the goggle and is completely silent.

Like the other models in the turbo fan series, the I/OX Elite fan also has a battery life of 50 hours and two speeds. What's more, it is equipped with full lens interchangeability and a rimless design for a maximum field of vision. This goggle comes with two lenses: one for bright light conditions and one for low light conditions. There is no need to worry about sweat splashing on the back side of your goggle lens while you are working hard shredding the slopes because the triple foam not only provides comfort and protection, but it also helps with sweat retention and absorption.

The greatest feature of the Smith Turbo Fan Series is that you can get these goggles in prescription!

For more questions, technical or fun, feel free to contact our knowledgeable opticians and check out our Ultimate Snow Goggle Buying Guide.