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It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Welp. Turns out your mother was right. Scraped knees and sprained ankles come nowhere near the potential life-altering effects of a serious eye injury. Many of these injuries are completely avoidable. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of sports-related eye injuries continue to occur each year.

Quality sports goggles, such as Rec Specs, are one of the most functional pieces of equipment that you can give to your kids. Not only do they help your child see better and shield them from dirt, debris, and harmful UV rays, they could also save them from an unsightly eye injury.

Oftentimes, kids play in their regular glasses or sunglasses, and unfortunately, many parents and coaches do not understand the importance of having sport-specific safety eyewear – until an accident happens. We've educated parents and advocated safety eyewear for years, and have always used impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses. Because of this, we believe we've helped save many eyes.

Rec Specs Prescription Prevents Serious Eye Injury Jason's eye after being hit with a basebal

Recently, we received a really nice email (see below) from a mother named Megan. Her son Jason was playing baseball and was up to his fifth at-bat for the night. Then boom. He gets hit by a pitch right smack in the eye. Like any concerned mother, Megan took her son directly to the emergency room after seeing the gash on Jason’s eye.

“If they [Rec Specs] weren't there to protect him, or if he had on regular glasses, we would have been in a very different situation with his eye.”


Rec Specs Maxx 30, Prescription Rec Specs Goggles Jason's Rec Specs Maxx 30s, perfectly in-tact!


After close examination, Megan and the doctor realized the gash was underneath where the goggles had been; meaning, the impact of the pitch was so hard that it split the skin underneath the Rec Specs. Jason’s orbital socket had been saved by the prescription sports goggles we made for him. Not only did the durable Rec Specs come through in the clutch, they remained perfectly in-tact for future uses.

You can see Megan’s thoughtful email below:
Rec Specs Testimonial, Prescription Sports Goggles

For many years, SportRx has been selling sports goggles, prescription and non-prescription alike. We stand by ASTM safety-certified eyewear from brands such as Rec Specs, ProGear, and Leader. We are big fans and proponents of sports safety eyewear – especially when it comes to kids. Please feel free to call a SportRx optician if you have any questions.

Rec Specs, Rec Specs Maxx 30 Rec Specs Maxx 30