Prescription Football Visors: It’s not a thing. And here’s why...

1) One reason prescription football visors are not a thing is a football visor has entirely too much curve. When it comes to optics, curve = distortion. This is why many prescription-wearers have a tough time getting Rx sunglasses with a lot of “wrap” or curve (unless they've found SportRx, of course!). The distortion created by the curve is oftentimes referred to as “the fish bowl effect.” Compared to the curve of a sunglass lens, the curve of a football visor is even more extreme.

2) Another issue preventing the development of prescription football visors is something called “vertex distance.” This is the distance between the eyes and the corrective lens, which in this case, is the prescription football visor. The football visor sits farther away from the eyes than would a pair of glasses. This increased vertex distance makes the corrective prescription in a football visor ineffective.

So if there’s no such thing as a prescription football visor, what is the best prescription solution for football players? The honest truth is there is no great solution; there are only less-bad solutions (is that a word?). Our solution is the least-bad solution out there. (What a sales pitch!)

First and foremost, the best prescription eyewear solution for football players are contact lenses. However, contact lenses are not always a viable solution for everybody – especially when it comes to kids. Other times it’s a matter of the contact lenses drying out or not being secure enough. We've worked with athletes who struggle with their contacts falling out every time they take a hit on the football field.

So what do you do if contact lenses are out of the question? Over the years, we've found one thing to be the best solution for athletes: Prescription football goggles.

Here's what you need:

Eric Dickerson goggles, Eric Dickerson Prescription Football Goggles NFL Great Eric Dickerson Rockin' the Football Goggles

1) Prescription Football Goggles. So the best prescription eyewear solution we have is a good ol' fashioned pair of sports goggles. Similar to the Eric Dickerson look – but not quite.

What we would do is put the prescription in the goggles, and then put an anti-fog coating on the lenses. The Rec Specs Maxx 31 is the go-to football goggle. There is also a smaller version called the Rec Specs Maxx 21 which is great for pee wee football players; however, the Maxx 31 is the most popular size when it comes to adults and older kids. Rec Specs is a leader in making protective, safety-rated sports goggles and they are fantastic for football.

2) Anti-Fog Coating. The anti-fog coating is a must! It’s a really great defense against fogging, however, fogging will never be 100% prevented. This is especially true when it comes to football players because football is a game of starting and stopping, which causes the rising and cooling of body temperature, which then accelerates the fogging of the lenses. Nevertheless, the anti-fog coating combats this issue pretty well.

Rec Specs, Rec Specs Maxx 31, prescription football visor Rec Specs Maxx 31 featured in Shiny Navy

3) Skull Cap. You can find a good skull cap at any sporting goods store. Under Armour and Halo make some great ones that wick away sweat. This helps the football goggles stay in place underneath the helmet.


Halo Skull Cap black, Halo Skull Cap football Halo Skull Cap

What you would do is put on the football goggles, put on the skull cap, and then put on the helmet. Now, if the helmet fits just right without wearing anything underneath it, the goggles will most likely not fit. In this case, you may need to weigh the option of getting slightly thinner helmet pads on the sides of the helmet (see video) so that everything fits underneath comfortably and securely.

So to sum it up: Prescription Football Goggles + Anti-Fog Coating + Skull Cap = Best Prescription Eyewear Solution (thus far!) on the Football field. Perhaps technology will catch up with us one day; and when it does, we’ll be the first to let you know!

If you have more questions about prescription football goggles (or why prescription football visors don’t exist) feel free to call or Live Chat with us to speak with a real sports optician.