Prescription Eyewear for Triathletes CAN be Done.
Prescription Eyewear for Triathletes

Many hardcore triathletes don’t wear prescription eyewear for their races. And there are two main reasons why. The first reason is that many people, even gear-focused people, aren't aware that serious, high-quality, multisport glasses are available in prescription. If they have asked their eye doctor about wrap around glasses, chances are, they were told it cannot be done. SportRx believes that virtually anything can be done. We have the technology, lab, and experience to make it happen.

The Transition Zone
The other reason has to do with the transition zone; more specifically, the switch from the swim to the bike. Say you need prescription glasses to see and SportRx makes you some amazing prescription swim goggles along with some really cool shades for cycling and running. What happens between the swim and the bike? Depending on how strong your prescription is, you would either have to find your bike using your prescription goggles, or search for it with no prescription at all. This is the main problem with prescription eyewear and triathlon, and that exact notion is why many triathletes endure the entire event without prescription eyewear.

Comfort and Performance
But why struggle through the entire race with blurry vision when you don’t have to? The fact is the difference prescription sunglasses can make in terms of safety and enjoyment, especially on the bike, can be tremendous. Prescription sport glasses that work well for a person’s specific sport, prescription, and light conditions, can be a real game-changer, even for someone who is cycling in their everyday glasses. Sport-specific glasses stay on your face better, have a bigger wrap lens to give better peripheral views, and also block more wind and debris. And if you get a properly-fitted pair of prescription cycling glasses, it eliminates the issue of having to look over the top of the frame when riding in the aero bars, which is a big problem for a lot of riders.

An even-bigger issue is safety. Some people ride with no corrective lenses at all when in fact they need them. I have heard time and time again that people simply choose not to use prescription glasses when they ride. That they can see “good enough.” My response to that is you use a prescription to watch TV or a movie, but when you ride a bicycle in traffic with 23 mm tires going downhill at 35 MPH, this is the time in your life you are okay without seeing as good as possible?!

What’s more, many of us have a true passion for our sport. We love to run, we dream about wheels spinning, and long for that refreshing feeling of jumping into a pool after a 10-hour work day. These are the things that make us tick; it’s what we live for. Shouldn't we see well while doing the things we love? Why compromise anything, let alone something as important as vision?