Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

As an avid cyclist and optician, there is one message I’d like to share with the world: Vision is the last thing you want to compromise on the bike. If you would like to find out more information on how to find the best cycling sunglasses, check out the Cycling Buyer's Guide. Learn all about the lastest lens technologies, frames and a few of our top picks to get your wheels turning.

There are many riders who give their time, energy, and money to fulfill their cycling dreams. They have all the best gear in the world – carbon fiber frames, aerodynamic helmets, brand-new Italian cycling shoes…yet, they settle for a cheap pair of sunglasses if they are wearing sunglasses at all. To carve time out of your busy schedule to ride and spend copious amounts of money on all the top equipment, only to get out there and not be able to see well is sort of ridiculous.

Having the right cycling glasses makes a tremendous difference, not only in the quality and performance of your ride, but also in the safety of your ride. My #1 pet peeve is when people have prescription needs, but they neglect to wear their prescription on the bike. I’ve heard the phrase “Well I see well enough on the bike; I don’t need my prescription.” So then when do you wear your prescription? “You know, when I’m watching a movie...” So let me get this straight: It’s more important to have clear vision when you’re watching a movie than when you’re pedaling downhill on 23mm tires going 35mph during rush hour traffic? That is not the right time to be compromising your vision.

We’re already risking our lives enough as it is on the road; we need every safety advantage we can get. And what's more important than vision? Not to mention we’re out there doing what we love; don't we want to enjoy it to the fullest? Cycling is our passion. We live to ride. It’s what makes us tick. This, above all, is the time to soak it all in and enjoy the view.

Prescription eyewear is readily available in cycling-specific frames. Frames that stay in place while you’re in the cycling position so that you’re always looking through your lenses – and not over the top of your frames. Cycling frames that have arms with minimal hook so they do not interfere with your helmet. Cycling frames that have rubberized temples and nose pads, so they stick to your face – even when you're a sweaty mess.

On top of that, there are all sorts of lens options. Impact-resistant lenses that won't shatter in your eye if you crash. Lenses that self-adjust to your light conditions, lenses that have glare-fighting mirror coatings and that match the color of your kit, lenses that increase contrast vision and also provide brightness protection. Polarized lenses. Bifocal lenses. Progressive lenses. Wrap around lenses that give you optimal coverage and a wider field of vision. Lenses on lenses. You name it, you got it.

SportRx has been around since ’96 and have mastered prescription cycling sunglasses. We find solutions for even the highest of prescriptions and have an amazing return policy, so there's literally nothing to lose - not even shipping costs. We are cycling enthusiasts helping other cycling enthusiasts. We ride ourselves and support the cycling community. We just get it.