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With contact lenses and LASIK eye surgery available, you'd think fashion-forward basketball players would opt out out of the goofy looking basketball goggles and glasses, but here's the thing - it really doesn't matter what you look like if you're Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Big Game James Worthy, two of the greatest players to ever pick up the rock. You can bet that no one was talking trash on their eyewear displays, and if they did, you can bet that they were silenced real quick.

Basketball is a high-energy, high-contact sport and it requires a very durable pair of sports goggles if they're going to last and provide the protection you need. A strap is essential to maintain optical alignment, and you're definitely going to want impact-resistant lenses. All frames that we have listed here are ASTM F803 certified basketball goggles, and are sports goggles that are also applicable to racquetball and squash if you're into those as well.

The ProGear Eyeguard is a great example of what to look for in your basketball eyewear quest. They are more like goggles than glasses, having less frame material to impede your play and injure you and your opponents. They are available to be customized to your prescription and as an added tip, we recommend getting these babies with an anti-fog coating. Even if you don't sweat like Shaq, the anti-fog is going to keep your field of vision clear so you can drive to the hoop and throw down all day long.

Bolle Swag Prescription Goggles, Bolle Basketball Glasses

Bolle Swag Prescription Basketball Goggles

The Bolle Swag is another one of our prime picks for basketball goggles or prescription basketball goggles. Similar to ProGear sports goggles, the Bolle Swag are sports goggles with a nicely padded nose guard for optimal comfort and stability. Transforming these sports goggles into a custom pair of prescription sports goggles is quick and painless with our first class opticians. If you plan on playing outside and inside, you can opt for a transition lens that will function great in both arenas. The glasses will remain clear indoor and at night, while shifting to sunglasses during daytime play. There are two sizes available - the 53 eyesize and the Bolle Swag 49 eyesize.

Remember, you're looking for comfort here and with the great models of sports goggles we can offer, you'll be thriving out on the court. Dare your opponents to talk smack - you'll put 'em in their place soon enough. Give us a call or shop our collection of prescription basketball goggles and glasses online at SportRx.