SportRx Pre-built Custom Lenses for Sunglasses

Pre-built custom lenses. Get the perfect combination of lens features for your sport, your light conditions, your vision.

Pre-built Custom Sunglasses Lenses
There are some lens configurations that we've been making for years. As professional sports opticians (and athletes ourselves) these are combinations of custom lens features that we know work. That's why we created our line of pre-built custom sunglass lenses. For example, polarized lenses with a rose copper tint, front side mirror, and a premium backside anti-reflective coating. Every time we put together a lens combination like that, we get excited around here and are like “YESSSSS! That’s going to be a great lens for somebody; that’s a favorite.” So we decided to just bundle them together and make them available on the website for people to order as a kit.

When you order a pre-built lens, you’re going to get something that a sports optician hand-picked and that is geared toward a specific sport or light conditions. We either use them ourselves, or they’re something we recommend to a lot of our customers, so it’s tried and true. Some of our most popular pre-builts include the Day and Night lenses and the Start to Finish lenses, but there’s a whole selection of custom-built lens packages that we have developed over time.

The other cool thing is that you save some money with these packages. Ordering pre-built lenses actually costs anywhere between $10 and $35 less than if you were to order each feature individually; so we always recommend going the pre-built route.

Bottom line, when you order pre-built custom lenses, you’re getting something a sports optician at SportRx created specifically to be awesome. If you have any questions as to which lenses might be right for you, check out our blog or feel free to call us up and speak to an optician!