Polarized Lenses in Prescription Sports Sunglasses


One of my favorite pre-built custom sunglass lenses is the Win-Win lens. Who doesn’t like to win? Who doesn’t like to win twice? In fact, it’s more like the Win-Win-Win lens.

Here’s the idea behind the Win-Win lens: sometimes you need a lot of protection from sunlight and glare, but you also need a lot of contrast. Well that’s a really hard hat trick to pull off. Usually, high-contrast lenses aren't great for bright light, and bright-light lenses typically don’t have high contrast.

So the trick to the Win-Win lens is: 1) it’s polarized so it protects you from the sun’s glare; 2) it has a solid silver mirror, making them a little bit darker and more protective from bright sunlight; and 3) the really cool part is the base color of the lens is a rose-copper. (If you know me, you know I love rose-copper lenses. And I’m a happy guy anyway so I like to view the world through rose-colored glasses.)

What the rose-copper does is it increases contrast which helps you see in and out of shadows, track potholes, pick up tree roots, etc. It gives everything a warm kind of glow, but it’s also dark and polarized to cut glare and block sunlight, all in one. That’s why I nick-named it the Win-Win-Win lens. They’re really great for any kind of sport where you’re in sunny conditions, especially if you have sensitive eyes but need high-contrast.

So to sum it up, you get contrast, you get brightness protection, and you get polarization, with a single lens. Now how’s that for #winning.

Polarized Custom Lenses in Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ

Win Win Lenses in Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ

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