PRIZM Snow: Sapphire Iridium

Oakley Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium goggles will out perform other goggles at any end of the spectrum. These crystal blue lenses are originally crafted for sun and slightly cloudy weather conditions. Prizm Snow technology is so great that our team would actually prefer the Sapphire Iridium over a normal lens that is actually made for lowlight.

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The Prizm Snow technology filters in the colors that you're suppose to see and blocks all the colors that you are not. Sapphire Iridium will give you a vision of the mountain like you've never seen before....literarily. The light transmission is 17-20% and the contrast is increased. These goggles have a base lens color of PRIZM medium. Prizm Sapphire lenses are perfect for both sun and cloud weather conditions.

Oakley Prizm Snow Lens, Sapphire Iridium

If you get annoyed having to switch between goggles, Sapphire Iridium will solve that problem. As your snow conditions change throughout the day, the Sapphire Iridium will adapt to the different levels of light. Prizm technology is constructed to provide you a clear vision in any weather condition. When the sun starts to peek out, these goggles will even provide top-notch sun protection from any harmful UV rays. These goggles will keep you prepared for snow or shine.

Oakley Prizm Prescription Goggles Online at SportRx

For your next adventure, you'll definitely want to grab a pair of Oakley Prizm Sapphire Iridium goggles to enhance your vision down the mountain. Need a prescription pair? An optician at SportRx will gladly help you find the perfect prescription Oakley Prizm goggles today!