Prescription Oakley TinCan, Oakley TinCan Review

Oakley TinCan | SportRx

Oakley has added some amazing cool sunglasses to their collection: The Oakley TinCan. These ultra-thin, wireless frames create a sleek, futuristic look. The TinCan sunglasses are made out of high modulous stainless steel - which basically means they are light as a feather but still durable and tough.

If you've ever owned a pair of sunglasses in your life, you've probably dealt with a missing screw at one time or another. With the Oakley TinCan, your screw-missing days are over! The TinCan is part of Oakley’s Hollowpoint Collection, a line that features new hinge technology: screwless hinges. That's right. There are no screws in the hinges to lose in the first place. Amazing, Oakley. Amazing.

The TinCan is equipped with adjustable nose pads for optimal comfort and a customizable fit, and the earsocks feature my favorite word: Unobtainium. So the hotter you get and the more you sweat, the sticker and tackier it gets, keeping them in place as you go about your active lifestyle.

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