After the success of the Tie Bar, Oakley decided to introduce a half rim version. We are here to explore the similarities and differences between the Oakley Tie Bar and Oakley Tie Bar 0.5. Tyler and Andrew will give you the low down on everything you need to know.

Unless you are familiar with Oakley naming convention, you may wonder what the differences here are. The '0.5' in the title indicates a half rim frame. The absence of it denotes the full rim version of the frame.

Frame Features

Since the only difference between the Tie Bar and Tie Bar 0.5 is the frame, there are many similarities between the two models including the following:

  • All-Titanium Construction- A full titanium frame gives you an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The lightweight construction adds to the overall comfort of the frame.


  • Latch Mechanism- Allows you to quickly clip the glasses to your shirt or pocket. The Latch Mechanism is discreetly incorporated into the inside of the temple arm.


  • Three Point Fit- The Tie Bar 0.5 evenly distributes weight among your nosebridge and behind your ears for a comfortable fit that can be worn for hours on end without getting any annoying pressure.


  • Oakley Authentic Lenses- The Tie Bar 0.5 is available in with Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses.

Oakley Tie Bar 0.5- Video Review

Oakley Tie Bar 0.5

Oakley Tie Bar 0.5 in Satin Light Steel

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The Tie Bar 0.5 is available in a 54 and 56 eyesize.

Oakley Tie Bar- Video Review

tie bar

Oakley Tie Bar in Satin Olive

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The Tie Bar is available in a 53 and 55 mm eyesize.

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