At first glance, these Oakley RadarLock sunglasses look nearly identical. In terms of overall design, feel and looks, both the Oakley RadarLock Path and RadarLock Pitch are in the same ballpark. In fact, the lenses on each of these models are compatible with the other.

So what’s the difference? It actually comes down to the lenses that come with each pair, and how they fit on your face. The RadarLock Path lenses are a bit smaller, with a lower height. There is a more angular sweep to them, which hugs your jaw bone a little more. Translation: the Oakley RadarLock Path is best for smaller or medium-sized faces.

Prescription Oakley Radarlock Path

Oakley Radarlock Path

The RadarLock Pitch lenses are a little bit bigger and taller. They feature a squarer look, and the lenses don’t have as much of a sweeping angle as their counterpart. Generally speaking, if you have a bigger face, the Oakley RadarLock Path is your best choice.

Oakley RadarLock Pitch Baseball Sunglasses

Oakley RadarLock Pitch

So, if you’re comparing these two, take a look in the mirror and you’ll get your answer. Either way you choose, these are very cool glasses, and are available with SportRx prescriptions lenses too.

Prescription Oakley Radar Pitch vs. Radar Path

Radarlock Pitch (left) vs. Radarlock Path (right)

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