Oakley Radar Pace | The Evolution of Wearable Technology

Technology speaks volume in the newest addition to the Oakley Radar family. Oakley and Intel partnered together in an effort improve and enhance an athlete's training and performance. After years of research and development, they've accomplished just that with the development of Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses. Hot off the presses, and available October 15th, this new Oakley innovation is sure to deliver the perfect combination of performance innovation and advanced technology.

An Inside Look at the New Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses


Why are the Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses the most exclusive sunglasses on the market, you ask?

Well, these sunglasses are one of the only wearable devices that not only collects data but also analyzes it through it's dynamic training program. The Oakley Radar Pace tracks, coaches and responds. We call it the ultimate trainer!

Oakley Radar Pace Prescription Sunglasses

How the Oakley Radar Pace Tracks Your Workout:

- Collects & Analyzes: your personal activity, including heart rate, power output, speed, cadence, distance and time, is categorized, recorded and stored, post-workout.

- Calibrates To You: monitoring your performance like a real life personal trainer, the Oakley Radar Pace dynamically adapts and adjusts to your own abilities and fitness improvements, and caters to your desired workouts / sports.

- Sensor Tracking: the Radar Pace analyzes data from internal sensors, and also has the ability to pair with your own devices that use ANT+ or Bluetooth.

How the Oakley Radar Pace Coaches to Maximize Your Performance:

- Dynamic Adjustment: automatically adjusts to your workout schedule and keeps you on track toward your personal goals.

- Customized Training Programs: a custom, personalized training program designed for your performance and goals, helping you improve fitness and/or prepare for upcoming competition.

How the Oakley Radar Pace Responds to Your Questions:

Oakley Radar Pace Prescription Sunglasses

- Dynamic Response: Oakley Radar Pace responds to questions through full Bluetooth and Siri-like capabilities to help guide you through your training - start to finish.

- Guidance: Ask questions like: "OK Radar, what's today's workout?" "OK Radar, how's my pace?" "OK Radar, what's my power?" and Radar's responses will fill you in on what's been accomplished, what's at hand, and what's to come.

Beautifully Designed for the Best Training Experience

The Oakley Radar Pace doesn't compromise comfort for technology, and visa versa. These Oakley sunglasses are carefully crafted to fulfill all the durable, comfortable, and safety standards you long for, while also keeping you on your toes with the next best innovative technology. All things we've come to expect from Oakley.

Unparalleled Features of the Radar Pace include:

- A touch pad that lives on the temples to control functions with simple taps and swipes, enabling you to easily adjust the volume, control music, make a call from your paired phone, and more.
- Internal sensors help you improve your goals and performance through the pressure meter, accelerator, proximity, and humidity.
- Oakley's 3-point system ensures a constant, secure fit.
- O-matter frame material provides a durable, lightweight fit.
- Impact protection meets ANSI Z87.1 test methods for high mass and high velocity impact resistant standards.
- Interchangeable lenses enable optimized performance in any environment.
- Water resistance up to IPX5.
- Compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones enables music streaming and app capabilities.
- Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses are rechargeable through a USD port.
- Audio is performed through a microphone array and in-ear booms.
- Music streaming capabilities.

To ensure all your bases are covered, Oakley includes a variety of external pieces with every purchase of Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses. These include 2 Ear Buds, a hard case, a micro-bag, 2 nose pads, a micro USB Cable, and a Quick Start Guide, a clear lens for low light conditions, and a PRIZM Road interchangeable lens suitable for any outdoor activity including cycling, hiking, running, etc., and Aero clip wind guards for cyclists who bike more than 20 mph to enhance speaker performance.

Now the questions is...what doesn't the Oakley Radar Pace do?

Pretty much nothing! If you're looking for the best personal training device, or simply want to feed your passion for keeping up with the latest technology, Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses are calling your name. If you have questions, we're excited to answer! Call or LiveChat with our friendly sports opticians 7 days a week, and we'll be happy to help wherever you need us.