Oakley Radar EV Prescription Glasses: Function over Form

The Oakley Radar EV's are highly popular prescription sports glasses, especially for cycling. We are often asked, at SportRx if these glasses can be done in prescription, and the answer is often times YES! However, it just may be that the answer is a MAYBE. Let's find out why.

What makes these glasses really cool, is the one solid piece shield design that Oakley has perfected since the invention of the Eyeshade, in the eighties. Because these are a single shield design, and since we each have two eyes and thus two different focal points, and possibly two different prescriptions, a prescription lens can be a complicated task.

What some brands like to do, is make an insert or an adapter that sits behind the glasses. Your prescription sits in a clear lens, and the tint is on the outside, providing a double "do-hickey" system, which is pretty old school. Oakley does not like that system. Oakley uses what we at SportRx have dubbed, "an embedded lens system."

Imagine a laser cutting two large sections of the lens away. The surrounding lens acts much like a normal frame, and the lenses get mounted into this frame like this:

Oakley Radar EV Path PRIZM Road sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Road Oakley Radar EV Path Polished Black PRIZM Road

To address the elephant in the room, let's face it, this isn't the most appealing look. It's extremely high-tech looking, to say the least, but functionally, these shades work amazingly well. They're super durable and the lenses are in there very well.

Back in '09 our VP and head optician, Rob Tavakoli had a really bad crash wearing the Oakley Radars with embedded lenses. Though he broke a lot of things, he did not break his eye orbital because the Oakleys actually saved his right eye. He knows first hand, and will not hesistate to tell you how incredibly strong these glasses are.

Now obviously there's a concern that the prescription lens does not extend to the full frame. Though this is true, most users of prescription eyewear can attest that they've adapted to a set of glasses that don't cover the full range of their eyesight anyway, and these are no different.

All that being said, the size of these prescription lenses are rather large. Width-wise, we've got about a 56mm lens, while height-wise, we have about a 32mm lens. This is larger than most people's basic prescription lens, so it should be no problem for anyone to adjust to the gaps and limitations.

We sell a lot of these, most people really like them, and just to reaffirm what we said earlier, though we think they look a little weird, they work really well.

The Oakley Radar EV's in prescription are coming in seven lens colors currently. There's black iridium, black iridium polarized, grey, grey polarized, g30 iridium (the golf lens), Rob's personal favorite for cycling, the vr28 black iridium, and they also come in clear.

See you out there on the road!