With such similar names, the Oakley Madman and the Oakley Badman can be easily mixed up. However, when looking at them, it's easy to tell these two edgy pairs of Oakley sunglasses are distinctly different. Nevertheless, both the Oakley Madman and the Badman come from outer space, so we're here to break down the differences and explain the similarities. *These frames have been discontinued but if you are looking for the latest technical glasses from Oakley, hit us up here!

We’ll take a look first at what the Oakley Madman and Badman have in common. Both frames are composed of the same material, a sturdy combination of high modulus die-cast aluminum and sand-blasted Oakley O-Matter. This results in very light, comfortable, all-day wearable glasses. The Oakley Madman and Badman both also exhibit a spring hinged system, which allows for a wider range of fit. Oakley’s signature unobtanium is also a shared feature between the two, so they stick to your face better as heat rises and sweat increases.

Now to differentiate between the two. Right from the get-go, the Oakley Madman presents a little more of a crazy, unconventional feel. It is designed to imitate the feel of a mad scientist, so its close-together lenses is completely intentional! The Oakley Madman is intended to replicate an old school look, drawing inspiration from the retro feel of X-Metal Mars.

From here we’ll move on to the Oakley Badman, a more tradition, a rectangular style eye glass frame. This frame finds its roots stemmed to the X Metal Juliet. With a medium-large fit and its spring-hinge system, the Badman is a highly adaptable fit for heads and faces of all sizes.

Oakley Badman side view, Oakley Badman prescription sunglasses

No matter which frame you decide to go with, either is a winner in our books! If you have any other questions about the Oakley Madman or the Oakley Badman, give our opticians a ring and we will be happy to help you out! Or go here for more Oakley Madman / Badman fun!