The mad scientists at Oakley strike again with the Oakley Edge Lens Technology

Oakley designed the Edge Technology as a means to accommodate for higher prescriptions in wraparound sport sunglasses. We’re here to inform you on the ins and outs of why Oakley came up with this solution, how it functions, and why it works so well.

For starters, keep in mind that this refers to a type of technology placed in wraparound sports frame utilized for enhanced vision of higher prescription, not the actual name of a frame. For instance, there are a few pair of Oakley sunglasses, such as the Oakley RPM Edge, Oakley Radar Edge, and Oakley Radarlock Edge. The term “edge” in these sport sunglasses are referring to the shape of the lens, rather than the technology that we’ll be talking about from here on out.

Now that we’ve hopefully cleared up some confusion there, let’s get to talking about the latest and greatest of prescription abilities in sport sunglasses.

Here’s a bit about the Oakley Edge Technology:

Oakley Racing Jacket

Oakley Racing Jacket

This Oakley edge lens technology is unique to Oakley and it is said to be sort of a hybrid improvement of what people call lenticular thinning. In other words, this concept is used to it help thin out the edges of the lens when you center a large prescription in sunglasses. However, the problem with lenticular thinning is that it causes a lot of distortion on the outside edges of the lens. Most companies are leaving the distortion there, which becomes disruptive to optimal sport performance and takes away from clear vision. This is where Oakley’s scientific expertise comes in to find a solution to the problem.

Through the use of their Edge Technology, Oakley is adding some result changes to the thinning by “frosting” the edges, which means they’re putting a groove design in the last 4-11 millimeters of the outside portion of the lens in order to block out that distortion that others generally leave in place. Basically, this frosting technique tricks the brain and your eyes to think that the frame is a little bit bigger and the lenses are a little bit smaller. What that’s doing is eliminating the distortion area while still being able to center up that high prescription into this more wrapped around frame and implement a much thinner lens.

Oakley Racing Jacket Cycling Sunglasses at Sea Otter Classic

Oakley Racing Jackets. My go-to Cycling Sunglasses

Before Oakley came out with their Edge Lens Technology, most of their sport sunglasses went from a +2.0 prescription to a -3.0 in total power, and now it has been doubled, going from a +4.0 to a -6.0. So say you’ve had a -5.0 prescription and you always wanted some authentic Oakley Sunglasses or Flak Jackets, but your strong prescription wouldn’t allow it. Well, it’s your lucky day because now you can with the Oakley edge technology!

Oakley Racing Jacket, Prescription Sport Sunglasses

Oakley Racing Jacket (matte black ink)

It is true that the frosting on the edges is going to block some of the peripheral vision, but its still going to give you a better peripheral vision than a non wraparound frame, which is what most people with a -5.0 had to resort to. Plus, Oakley is guaranteeing that even with the highest prescription with the most amount of frost edges, which would be at most 11 millimeters, you’re still going to get at least 120° of peripheral vision, which is amazing.

Another thing to remember with the Edge technology is that its available in five lens colors as of now, and all five lens colors are polarized. Its comes in grey polarized, black iridium, gold iridium polarized, bronze polarized, and VR28 black iridium polarized, a personal optician favorite. The Oakley Edge is available in progressive lenses as well as single vision lenses, and it can be applied to all 8-base Oakley sport frames. So pretty much everything with Jacket at the end of it. Flak Jacket, Racing Jacket, Straight Jacket, Half Jacket, you name it, you got it.

Oakley RPM Edge Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley RPM Edge

Thanks to Oakley’s mad scientists, those who have been denied Oakley authentic lenses and cool wrap around frames can now reap the benefits of superior Oakley prescription sport sunglasses despite their high prescription needs.

Here at SportRx we really like to push the limits and find new technology to solve problems, and this has been really good ammunition in our arsenal to use when needed. It sounds a little complicated, but the end result has been amazing. We’ve had really good luck with them and people love it.

Coming first hand from a SportRx customer, the Oakley Edge is the key to seeing clearly during your favorite sport activities. Feel free to take a look at this customer review for more knowledge from our sunglasses expert and more first-hand insight on the awesomeness of these lenses.

All in all, we’ve been bettering the vision of those with higher prescription needs by implementing Oakley’s Edge Technology into the amazing collection of Oakley sport sunglasses. If you have any further questions about the Edge Technology, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us a LiveChat. We’re here to help and we’d love to clear up any confusions you still have.