When mountain biking, weather and debris can get in the way of your perfect ride. You need to protect your eyes from hazards on the road. Sunglasses and goggles help you spend time mountain biking comfortably, so you can focus on enjoying the trail. You might have some troubles judging which eyewear is right for you. Check out our review with professional mountain biker, Richie Schley, on all you need to know for choosing mountain bike sunglasses vs goggles.

1. Fashion First - Helmet Compatability

Sunglasses are great to sport with a regular helmet. The look and fit are sleek. While we don't carry helmets, we carry many kinds of designs and colorways. You can find your favorite sunglass design at SportRx.

Goggles are better with a full helmet. If you have a full face helmet, goggles are your best bet. This combination looks great, and there is nothing to worry about regarding looks and fashion. Goggles keep you safe on your long downhills or jump-rides.

2. Versatility

For eyewear that's truly versatile, grab sunglasses. You can use them for multiple activities and can wear them on your next day out on the town.

Mountain bike goggles are specialized for one activity. MTB goggles are packed with features to enjoy mountain biking.

3. Know the Terrain

Sunglasses are easy to take on and off, and are suitable for flat rides and pedaling without big ups and downs. Even on a flat road, debris can still obstruct your vision. Ever had a bug fly in your face? Group rides are no better, because riders ahead of you may kick up stones and soil. Sunglasses shield your eyes.

Long downhills and jumps, terrain features that launch your bike into the air, require technique to nail. Goggles are better suited for technical terrain. Goggles fit securely and won't fall off or misalign with all the hills and bumps along the path.

4. Know the Climate

Sunglasses are a pleasant fit while mountain biking in fine weather. These help you clearly see the trail that is difficult to distinguish when it is sunny.

Goggles fasten to the head and deflect obstructions from all directions. These also protect your eyes from drier, dustier, and colder weather. Sunglasses only cover the eyes, while goggles seal part of your face from the elements.

5. Comfortable Fit

You can wear sunglasses for longer than goggles, typically. Sunglasses are lighter weight and only press down on your face for comfortable all day wear.

On the other hand, goggles press against your face and weigh down on your nose. Goggle technology has advanced enough so that you can wear goggles for an extended period of time.


Refer to the infographic below before deciding which eyewear is better for you.

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