We were fortunate enough to sit down with Kelly Alexander, Maui Jim representative and expert for the last 13 years. She knows Maui Jim products inside and out, and tells us all about the Maui Jim Freight Trains sunglasses. (Check out the video for the full rundown!)

The Maui Jim Freight Trains are a durable - yet classy pair of sunglasses. It's a great style for the larger faces out there and have a flatter frame, giving it a dressier look. (The silver frames with blue accents are Rob and Kelly's favorite!)

The Freight Trains are a part of Maui Jim's Memory Metal Collection. The frame is constructed with MauiFlex material, a flexible, bouncy metal that holds its fit and shape better than regular metal frames. And the cool thing is in the event that these sunglasses are twisted, or (Heaven forbid) sat on, the frame bounces back to its original position. So if you're the type who's a little tougher and rougher on your glasses, these guys are awesome.

The Freight Trains also come equipped with Maui Evolution lenses, which are high index lenses that give you amazing clarity. Maui Evolution lenses are not only scratch-resistant, but also but impact-resistant, to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Need 'em in prescription? The Maui Jim Freight Trains are Rx-friendly. These sunglasses can accommodate a wide range of prescriptions, going from +3 to -4 and are available with single vision or progressive lenses.

Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email at info@sportrx.com if you have questions about ordering Maui Jim sunglasses in prescription. Click here to see more awesome Maui Jim sunglasses.