Boston Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly hits the dugout with Sunglass Rob for an unveiling of the SPY Discord prescription sunglasses. After exchanging some pleasantries and Joe running down a few other notable players from the area of Anaheim California, Rob gets into talking about glasses and presents him with the SPY Discord.

Form Meets Function in a Big Way

These are perfect for those days when it starts off overcast and the sun burns off the cloud cover. These lenses are dark but have a lot of contrast from SPY's patented HAPPY™ lens. The frame is inspired by the era and music of the '80s. Oversized yet not overstated, they allow your features to be the star of the show.

Spy Discord

SPY Discord in Matte Black with Happy Bronze Polarized and Green Spectra Lenses

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This frame is constructed of virtually indestructible Grilamid® and sturdy 5-barrel hinges so durability is not a question. Joe Kelly's Discord frames are fitted with prescription Win Win lenses. The Win-Win is a polarized rose lens with a silver mirror.

Versatility and Style

From soft matte black with either red or green fade to whitewall or even clear frames, SPY Discord comes in a variety of colorways to match whatever occasion or vibe you're into. Personally, the black matte with the tortoise is a favorite. But you can't go wrong with any of the styles available.

When Rob finds out Joe plays golf he says he can have some frames specifically made for golf. Joe said that he actually wanted to wear the SPY Discord prescription sunglasses to "bring some edge to the golf course". If you're going to "bring the edge" you might as well see well when doing it.

SPY Discord in Vintage Tortoise

SPY Discord in Vintage Tortoise with Happy Grey Green Lenses

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Need your Spy Discord sunglasses in prescription? Create your own unique combination of lens and colorway online today. And if you need a little help, Contact Us to speak with one of our certified in-house opticians who can answer all your question and help you complete your order. Look great and see well while doing what you love.

If they're good enough for Joe Kelly, then you can definitely rock yours with pride. Whether you are in the field, on the shores, or out in the streets, these SPY Discord sunglasses will have you covered in complete style.