Joe Kelly and his Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL’s

Joe Kelly in his Oakley Flak 2.0 XL's

Joe Kelly is just absolutely killing it out on the mound right now. He's fooling hitters, leaving them off-balance, beating Jacob deGrom, stranding hitters on third base, making hitters work insanely hard to earn runs, and one can clearly see that this dude is on top.

Kelly, who pitches in Boston's starting rotation, has an ERA of 2.68, 28 strikeouts and 6 wins in August. He's so hot right now, in fact, no one has earned 6 wins in a month for the Boston Red Sox since Pedro Martinez did it in 1999, and no one has done so in the month of August since the Rocket did it in 1990. Clemens and Martinez are both Hall of Fame pitchers, so Joe Kelly is hangin' with some amazingly talented company.

Joe Kelly is a prime example of an athlete who doesn't let any obstacles get in his way of success - especially when the obstacle is vision. Joe remembers a time when he didn't wear glasses on the mound - a time where he almost denied the fact that he needed glasses.

During his visit to SportRx in the midst of a road trip against the San Diego Padres, Joe Kelly reveals how he was a little too stubborn to sport any corrective eyewear on the mound. In an effort to avoid having to wear glasses, he explained how he couldn't read the usual finger signs coming from behind the plate, so his catchers had to make bigger motions like a third base coach, certainly compromising the discreet intentions of the signals. Ironically, once Joe finally conceded to the need to wear prescription baseball eyewear, his glasses have become part of his signature look - both on and off the field.

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Joe Kelly's visit to the SportRx showroom was definitely an experience. We got to understand him, his passion for the game of baseball and life in general, and he got a direct, straight-to-the-source optician fitting for prescription lenses for his Oakley baseball sunglasses. We like to think our endeavors of fitting Joe Kelly with the right prescription eyewear has brought him success in Boston, but we won't take that much credit. This guy is really headed places and we are honored we got to play a part in his prescription baseball sunglasses solution!

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Keep on winnin' ball games, Joe Kelly - we've always got your back!

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