*This product has been discontinued but you can still follow these simple step by step instructions to easily switch your Oakley Valve Lenses!

Oakley Valve Prescription Sunglasses | Oakley Valve Lenses

We know you never go anywhere without your Oakley Valve sunglasses; they're basically a part of you. So why not customize the Oakley Valve lenses to maximize not only style but also function. Oakley makes their sunglasses from the highest quality materials to provide you with the utmost comfort and durability, and these frames are no different. Changing out your Oakley Valve lenses not only change your look, but it can also help you perfect your vision no matter the conditions. Below you can learn how to do just that.

How It Works:

6 Simple Steps to Change Your Oakley Valve Lenses:

1 | Hold your sunglasses vertically with the temples facing you

2 | Carefully pull the frames apart, pinching the rims at the top and bottom

3 | Simultaneously use your thumbs to apply a little pressure to push the lens outward

4 | While putting a new lens in, use the inverse motion, starting by pointing the temples out

5 | Place the new lens inside the groove of the frames (start in a corner)

6 | Work your way around, following the groove, finally pushing the lens in with a snap

Good job! You just changed out your Oakley Valve Lenses all on your own. Now you can get back out there and live your life. Just wait and see how many people comment on your "new" shades. It's amazing how differently you'll see with your new lenses; it'll be clearer and better than ever.

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