With so many options for sunglasses, it may be hard to settle on just one pair. The Oakley Straight Jacket makes that easy. These sunglasses will help you stand out in a crowd, and they'll still provide you with the clearest vision possible. This is all thanks to the Oakley Straight Jacket Lenses. You can even interchange these lenses for optimum clarity in different conditions or simply to further your bold style. *This frame has been discontinued. I would recommend checking out the Straightlink if you like this frame style.

Oakley Straight Jacket prescription sunglasses,Oakley Straight Jacket Lenses


Here's how it works:

Change your Oakley Straight Jacket Lenses in 6 Easy Steps:

1 | Start by holding your glasses like you just took them off, then flip them to a vertical position

2| Applying a little pressure, pull the frames apart while holding the top and bottom of the rims

3 | Use your thumbs to push out the lens away from your body

4 | To put a new lens in, flip the glasses so the temples face away from you

5 | Place the lens in the groove of the frames, starting in a corner and working your way around

6 | When you reach the final corner, push in the lens with slight pressure and you'll hear a snap

And it's done! You just changed out your Oakley Straight Jacket Lenses, no sweat, no problem. We want to make life easier for you so that you can get out there and show off your new look. Guess the old saying "no pain, no gain" doesn't really apply here. But style and functionality definitely do.

Keeping it simple is what we do at SportRx. You need prescription sunglasses? We have you covered. Just contact us and we'll get you your customized pair of sunglasses as soon as we can. If you have any questions about Oakley Straight Jacket lenses or prescription glasses in general, we'll happily answer them via phone, email (info@sportrx.com), or LiveChat. You'll be on your way to seeing better in no time.