Oakley continues to create amazing sport sunglasses with a ton of features that we athletes can appreciate. Interchangeable nose pads on the Oakley RadarLock is one of them.

Changing Oakley RadarLock nose pads can be a bit tricky, so we made a video to give you a visual demonstration on how to get it done. No matter which style of RadarLock sunglasses you own, these instructions apply to all models.

How to Change Oakley RadarLock Nose Pads in a few simple steps:
1) Pull up and out to unlock the nose pad from the frame. You will notice the T-peg design on the nose of the frame, and a square opening on the nose pad, perfectly made for each other!
2) Insert the new nose pad, starting at the bottom of the T-Peg
3) Push (and stretch) the nose pad up and over the T-peg to lock it into place.
4) Repeat this step on the other side, and BAM! You, my friend, have just changed your Oakley RadarLock nose pads!

We told you it'd be easy! But just in case you have more questions, feel free to call or email us at info@sportrx.com!

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