Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses are some of the best sports sunglasses out there for more reasons than one. Innovative tools like Oakley's Switchlock lens technology is what ultimately sets these sports sunglasses apart from the rest. This interchanging lens technology was engineered to allow hassle-free vision optimization in any setting you encounter. Adapt to the many weather and lighting conditions you may face with the ability to easily swap out your Oakley Jawbreaker lenses .

Here's How it Works:

How Change your Oakley Jawbreaker Lenses in 5 Easy Steps:

1 | Unlock the lenses by flipping up the nose pad – this will unlock a metal hinge on the top of the frame which will then open up the bottom jaw, causing the shield to release and pop out.

2 | Take the shield that you’re replacing it with and follow the grooves on the top of the frame of from left to right

3 | Once it settles in to the top, bring the jaw back in to place, follow the grooves on the bottoms of the frame, and listen for a snap so you know its securely in place.

4 | Lock it back in to place by moving the metal bar back and over the frame,

5 | Hold on to the top of the metal piece, and then snap the nose piece back in to place.

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Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses come equipped with the tools you need to take your sport to the next level. You can find your favorite pair of Oakley Jawbreakers online at SportRx. If you need another pair of Oakley Jawbreaker lenses to add to your collection, give us a call and we'll help you out!