Before you shred down the next mountain, you might be wondering how to change your Oakley Flight Deck or Flight Deck XM lenses. The only difference between these two Oakley goggle models is the size, so therefore, they follow the exact same lens changing system. We have a more complete comparison between the Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM if you are interested in more information on the differences between the two models.

Come to find out, replacing the Oakley Flight Deck lenses isn't the easiest if you don't follow specific steps. That's where we come in! The following video is comprised of all those specific steps that'll make the process of changing your Oakley Flight Deck lenses or Oakley Flight Deck XM lenses as seamless as possible.

How to Change Oakley Flight Deck Lenses

Steps to Remove the Oakley Flight Deck Lenses:

1) Remove the shield you’re trying to swap out by holding the goggles with your left hand on the bottom of the frame and your right hand on top.

2) Pull the top part out by applying a little bit of pressure, and the rest of the shield will come out fairly easy. Don't be alarmed if you need to use more force when reaching the bottom of the nose bridge.

Steps to Insert Your Oakley Flight Deck Lenses:

1) Insert the nose bridge portion of the lens by aligning the bottom tab on the inside of the lens with the bottom hole on the nose bridge part of the frame. You’ll feel a little bit of a snap when its securely in place.

2) Slide one side of of the lens into the frame by following the gap on the goggle frames until you reach the top.

3) Once you get to the top of the frame, repeat step 2 on the other side of the lens, starting on the bottom.

4) This time around, once you get to the top, push that top nob on the lens into the frame.

5) Once your Oakley Flight Deck lenses are in place, hit the slopes with unbeatable clarity.

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Did you know that you can get your Oakley Flight Deck snow goggles in prescription? We have prescription inserts that we will custom build for YOUR goggles! Hopefully we gave you the best guidance on how to switch out those lenses, but if for whatever reason, you need more help, don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to answer all your questions, 7 days a week!

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