You're scheduled to meet your best bud for a day of fly fishing — and maybe a little competition on who can catch the most fish. Increase your odds for that friendly, competitive win with our expert tips on catching a variety of fish (especially the bigger ones) with specific rods and flys. Check out our overview of fly fishing for tarpon and redfish!

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Join our Costa ambassador, Ryan and fly fishing pro, Kevin Townsend as they walk you through the best fly fishing rods for catching tarpon and redfish.

Fly Fishing: How-To Catch Tarpon and Redfish

Fly rods come in different weight sizes and knowing which weight you need will make a day of fly fishing a breeze. Before hitting the water, consider which fish you're trying to catch and the size of your rod and fly. Fish that are stronger and bigger in size require a heavier rod —which handles a bigger fly better.

Looking at the smaller sizes, a lighter 1-weight rod is ideal for smaller fish like bluegill. A rod that is a 3 through 6-weight is best for catching trout or fish of similar size.

If you're looking to catch redfish, a 7 through 9-weight rod works well. For example, a 7-weight can deliver a smaller fly and, with a lighter line, is great for catching redfish. With this size rod and fly, you can even transition to freshwater fishing for bass, panfish, and rainbow trout. A 10-weight rod delivers a bigger fly and is great for catching larger fish like a jack crevale. When trying to catch tarpon, a 12-weight rod and bigger fly are the ideal choice due to the size and strength of the fish.

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