Single Vision Lenses vs. Digital Single Vision Lenses


Single Vision lenses vs. Digital Single Vision Lenses - what's the diff? The lovely Sarah, SportRx Optical Ninja, explains just how digital lens technology works and things to consider when deciding between single vision lenses and digital single vision lenses. (Side note: All SportRx progressive lenses are automatically made using digital technology.)

Simply put, single vision digital lenses utilize cutting-edge digital technology to ensure the most crisp, spot-on optics possible. Our opticians combine the prescription information provided by your doctor with the precise measurements of the frames you selected, and then use digital lens technology to craft your prescription lenses with utmost precision.

Digital lenses are the best solution to minimize distortion in wrap around prescription lenses. Issues such as eye strain, headaches, and dizziness can all be reduced to a minimum with the change to digital lenses. Stronger prescription needs and astigmatism can also be addressed with digital lens technology.

What's more, digital lenses have the ability to compensate for the wrap in the frame that normally creates that distorted "fish-bowl effect. The added ability to account for larger frames and larger lenses makes you less restricted when picking out the glasses and sunglasses frames you want.

Bottom line, digital lens technology offers both fashion and function benefits. Not only are digital prescription lenses as precise as humanly possible, they also help eliminate distortion giving you the added flexibility to choose from a larger variety of frames.

Have more questions about digital lenses? Feel free to call us, shoot us a LiveChat, or send us an email! Sarah and the rest of the friendly SportRx opticians are here to help! :)