SportRx recently interviewed motorcross driver and cyclist David Bailey to learn more about the inspiration that led him to design the latest version of the 100% Speedcraft eyewear for sporting enthusiasts. Take a few minutes to see what David Bailey has to say:

His idea started as many great business dreams, with a hand-created design on a napkin. David knew the new design would need to be stylish, look good, and be functional while wearing his helmet during his motorcross or cycling events.

The California-designed 100% Speedcraft eyewear is manufactured in Italy, and the frame has a universal fit and a lighter weight than other sport performance eyewear. It is the distinctive style that sets 100% Speedcraft apart from the competition.

The Vision

David wanted the Speedcraft to have the great coverage of goggles, yet have the look of regular eyewear. It was also important that the new glasses met the current engineering and design standards with the goal of enhancing the performance and safety of the wearer. David said "The first time that I put a pair of the 100% Speedcraft glasses on, it was like 'Wow' this is like IMax, because you don't notice the frames!"

One of the benefits of this new design is that they will stay in place, even when the wearer is in active-mode. This is due to the comfortable nose piece and the cushioned spring arms. The minute that you put these on, you will notice the difference in how they fit to your face, giving you the confidence you made a great investment.

There are two lens options: mirrored lenses, which you want for really bright environments when you are around water, sand, or snow. You want to choose the smoky or tinted lenses for medium to bright conditions.

100% Speedcraft

100% Speedcraft
100% Speedcraft in Cherry Palace with Black Mirror Lenses

Shop 100% Speedcraft

When you order your 100% Speedcraft, they will arrive carefully packaged. Inside, you will have a beautiful, hard shell case with bonuses included, such as a soft cover to protect the lens, an extra pair of low light lenses, and an extra nose piece. These are designed with shatter-proof lenses and have increased ventilation to avoid moisture from hampering your vision while enjoying your sport.

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