Choosing the Most Optimal Lenses

Let’s face it. You’re active, you want sun protection and we understand that here at SportRx. As athletes ourselves, we understand your position, whether it’s on the green, the diamond, or on the trails, and crafting lenses for each environment is our strong suit. If you already have somewhat of an idea, or maybe just want to start out doing some research into what your optimal lens is, you, my friend, are in the right spot. Let’s learn something!

Different lenses perform better in their respective space and our opticians have crafted a variety to ensure an optimal lens for comfort and adaptability to dynamic athletic and just flat out everyday environments.

Choosing a Lens by Your Sport or Activity:

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Do you golf? As Happy Gilmore once said, “Golf requires goofy pants and a fat behind.” However, Mr. Gilmore failed to take into account the precision and patience that can cause so much frustration out there on the course. If you want to minimize that frustration, pick a brown lens to increase contrast of green surfaces. It’s the best sunglass lens color that helps you pick up the golf ball quickly. The Adidas YourPro is a good choice with it’s “Light Stabilizing Technology” for contrast enhancement.


Nike Show X2 Prescription Sunglasses

How about run? Whether you’re an ultra-marathoner, just going for a nice stroll on the beach, or maybe you like to bike, rose copper and amber-colored lenses enhance contrast, enabling you judge the terrain quickly, for greater safety and performance. In addition, a mirror coating is available with any of these lenses to minimize UV exposure and optimize lens performance even more!

But why give you just two examples? There are sunglass lens colors and coating combinations that are ideal for virtually any sport or activity, from motorcycling to mountaineering to skiing to baseball to shooting to scuba diving, and well you get the picture.

Choosing Your Sunglasses Lenses by Weather or Indoor Lighting:

Don’t let weather conditions hold you back – choose the lens that is most appropriate. Even with activities typically played indoors, like racquetball, you should account for the glares in harsh gym lighting. Here are a few tips to think about when choosing the optimal lens:

  • Bright and sunny climates are best matched to a dark brown lens tint to minimize the effects of harsh sun.
  • A general purpose lens is best for mixed and widely variable weather, such as the rose copper-tint with the specific coating options you’ll find in the SportRx Start-to-Finish lens.
  • Overcast conditions require a contrasting lens, such as brown, amber or rose copper. The SportRx Over-It lens is a good light-tint option.
  • For the best vision performance with indoor lighting, choose clear lenses with an anti-reflective coating.

The Perfect Sunglass Lens is a Good Combination:

It’s important to keep in mind that choosing the lens for your sunglasses is not an “either-or” option. You should choose a lens based both on how and where you will wear them. Additionally, some sunglasses have an interchangeable mount option, to provide added flexibility as your activity or conditions change.

Best of all, once you choose your tint color and coating options, the in-house optics lab at SportRx will construct the optimal lens, precisely matched to your prescription. That adds an even greater degree of customization and greater visual performance, making the prescription glasses of your dreams a reality.

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Oakley Jawbreaker Sport Sunglasses with Fire Iridium Lenses

For more sport and environment-specific details and visuals on our lens options, visit our lens guide or our blog on custom sunglass lenses. Our expert sports opticians have spent countless amounts of hours designing and perfecting lenses with every sport environment in mind. When you choose from our large collection of custom tailored lenses, you’ll be sure to receive a product that a lens expert built for your specific needs, leaving you with the most optimal visual clarity during your favorite sporting activities.

Questions about anything and everything related to sunglass lens options? Our expert opticians have all your answers. Give us a shout and we’ll help you out!