Best Kids' Softball Sunglasses

One of the most important factors to be at the top of your softball game - clear vision. Don’t let blurry eyesight hold your kid back from giving it their all on the field. They have to be able to see the entire field in order to make quick decisions. Whether your kid is just […]

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Can You Play Softball With Sunglasses?

Are you tired of staring straight into the sun while trying to catch that fly ball? Well, so is the girl in this picture. We’ve got a solution. Not only will you no longer have to stare into the sun, but your vision will actually be enhanced while playing softball. See better, play better, and […]

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Best Oakley Softball Sunglasses

What Are the Best Oakley Softball Sunglasses Out There? Why pick Oakley Softball Sunglasses? The short answer is the PRIZM Field lenses. These lenses will up your game out on the field by enhancing color contrast. This makes it easier to track the ball when it is high in the sky or skidding across the […]

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USSSA Fastpitch And Softball | Everything Explained

What is USSSA Fastpitch?   Let’s start with the USSSA, which stands for the United States Specialty Sports Association. The USSSA wants to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, and professionally represented sports organization in the world. Their top priority is to meet the needs of the teams, coaches, sponsors, park owners and fans. […]

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Softball Bats Buyer’s Guide

How To Pick Your New Softball Bat Nothing sounds better than when you get your swing right and hit that sweet spot. However, not all softball bats are the same. The material, weight, and composition can all affect your swing. It can mess up your timing and make you lose your chance at hitting the […]

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5 Softball Tips for Beginners | Everything You Need to Know

Best Way to Start Playing Softball Softball is both recreational as well as a competitive high school and college sport. Certainly, there is a long list of things that could be recommended, but here are 5 softball tips for beginners that we hope will support you in loving the game from day one.   1) […]

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Softball Gear - Everything You Need to Know

What Equipment Do You Need For Softball?   It’s that time of the year - time to welcome back spring season and dust off your softball gear! The season is starting and you should be ready to play with the right gear. In softball, the ball travels at high speeds so it is imperative for […]

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History of Softball: Where it Came From?

What is the History of Softball? It was an 1887 Thanksgiving in Chicago. The Football match between Harvard and Yale had just finished by announcing Yale had won. Yale alumni were so overjoyed that as a celebration gesture, somebody threw a boxing glove at a Harvard supporter. The Harvard supporter playfully swung at it as […]

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Softball vs Baseball | What's the Difference?

Softball vs Baseball | What's the Difference? A casual sports fan may observe softball and baseball from the exterior and may wonder why they're different. The similarities are certainly striking. However, a closer look at the slight nuances that make them unique are good to know, so let's talk about why they're different, similar, and […]

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