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Transitions Lenses

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Day & Night Lenses. Wear Them Anytime. Anywhere.

Day & Night Custom Sunglass Lenses Day & Night Lenses adapt to a range of light conditions My top pick for pre-built custom sunglass lenses is the Day & Night lens; not because I'm a fan of Kid Cudi, but because they are so dang universal. They are a special...

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Transitions Lenses: A Comparison of Each Type

Transitions Lenses Comparison There are three main types of Transitions lenses: 1) Transitions (also known as “Transitions VI” or referred to as standard Transitions) 2) Transitions XTRActive 3) Transitions Vantage In SportRx lingo, we call Regular Transitions Light Reactive; Transitions Xtra Active is called Light Reactive Plus; and Transitions Vantage is referred...

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