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Pre-Built Custom Sunglasses Lenses. Get the Total Package.

Pre-Built Custom Sunglasses Lenses Pre-built custom lenses. Get the perfect combination of lens features for your sport, your light conditions, your vision. Pre-built Custom Sunglasses Lenses There are some lens configurations that we've been making for years. As professional sports opticians (and athletes ourselves) these are combinations of custom lens...

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Start to Finish Lens. Excellent Coverage from Dusk to Dawn.

Versatile Sunglass Lenses for Low Light and Bright Light The absolute best pre-built custom lens (at least in my opinion) is the Start to Finish lens, nick-named the “Dusk to Dawn.” It’s great for running, cycling, or any activity in general. If you ride your bike to work like my boss...

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Win Win Lenses: Polarized, High-Contrast Sunglasses = #Winning.

Get Polarized, High-Contrast Sunglasses with the Win-Win Lens. #winning. One of my favorite pre-built custom sunglass lenses is the Win-Win lens. Who doesn’t like to win? Who doesn’t like to win twice? In fact, it’s more like the Win-Win-Win lens. Here’s the idea behind the Win-Win lens: sometimes you need...

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Day & Night Lenses. Wear Them Anytime. Anywhere.

Day & Night Custom Sunglass Lenses Day & Night Lenses adapt to a range of light conditions My top pick for pre-built custom sunglass lenses is the Day & Night lens; not because I'm a fan of Kid Cudi, but because they are so dang universal. They are a special...

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