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The Oakley Crosslink: Sports Glasses in Disguise

The Oakley Crosslink & Crosslink Sweep: Sports Glasses in Disguise Oakley Crosslink (black satin/sky blue) The Oakley Crosslink is among the most popular glasses right now. And the reason why is its unique versatility of being both sporty and casual. They sort of have this Clark Kent characteristic to them...

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Oakley Frogskins. Get wit' it and get ribbit.

Oakley Frogskins Oakley Frogskins We LOVE Oakley Frogskins. I mean, why the heck not? They're super fashionable, they fit a wide variety of face shapes (for both guys AND gals!), and they come in a ton of different colors. Plus, they're designed by one of the best sunglass-makers in the world! Oakley...

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Sunglasses for Your Face Shape and Size

The Ultimate Guide for Your Face Shape & Size One way to shop for the perfect pair of sunglasses online is to find a frame that works for your face shape and size. Heart-shaped, round-shaped, square-shaped, oval-shaped, you name it! No matter what face shape or size you have, there...

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Sunglass Frames: How to find your perfect fit

SportRx: Here to Help You Find Your Perfect Pair of Sunglass Frames What you put on your face is important - it takes some careful consideration to decide what suits you best. Of course, you want comfort and performance. But sunglass frames also make a personal statement, so why not...

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Coachella Festival Sunglasses 2015!

Sunglasses Spotted on the Scene at the Coachella Valley Music Festival 2015 Spy Helm Spring brings out warmer weather, brighter clothes, and festival season! One of the largest music festivals in the country was held over the last two weekends in the Southern California desert, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts...

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Oakley Halflink Asian Fit Sunglasses Review

Introducing the Newest Addition to the Oakley Asian Fit Family: The Oakley Halflink Oakley has blessed us with its first truly developed Asian Fit sport sunglasses: the Oakley Halflink. With Oakley’s top-notch craftsmanship and design, their innovative team has seamlessly combined the features of two of their top-selling sunglasses. Let's put it this way...

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Celebrities Love Wearing Their Randolph Engineering Aviators

Celebrities Wearing Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses are the definition of classic cool. Durability is an understatement. Originally intended for wear in the U.S. Military, its metal framework is guaranteed to last through the most demanding use. These sunglasses have been worn and tested by pilots, tastemakers...

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Oakley Chainlink Review

Oakley Chainlink Review Oakley Chainlink sunglasses are true sport sunglasses with a lifestyle twist. Oakley developed the Chainlink sunglasses to be super Rx-friendly. These guys are a 6-base frame, which means they are slightly flatter than some of the other Oakley sunglasses, and they can accommodate a very wide range of prescription...

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Original Oakley Crosslink vs. Sweep vs. Pitch

Original Oakley Crosslink vs. Sweep vs. Pitch Crosslinks on Crosslinks on Crosslinks! We've got Crosslinks for days! It's easy to get confused with the many options offered though Oakley's extensive Crosslink series, so to help clear things up, we made videos on the Original Oakley Crosslink, the Crosslink Pitch, and in this video...

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