Anon WM1 Snow Goggle Review

Calling all Divas! The Anon WM1 Snow Goggle is specifically made just for women. Although this Anon snow goggle is specifically design for women it still has all the bells and whistles. Check out the below video for all the insights on the WM1 Snow Goggles by Anon!

The Anon WM1 Snow Goggle features Anon’s Wall-to-Wall Vision, providing the most peripheral vision possible. That is, the Anon WM1 Snow Goggle has 40% thinner foam so the foam is not obstructing your vision. With Wall-to-Wall Vision you don’t have to fear another snowboarder or skier being in your blind spot while shredding down the mountain!

Since the WM1 Snow Goggle by Anon has 40% thinner foam, you might think that it is not comfortable to wear all day. Well that is not the case! The Anon WM1 is equipped with triple layer face foam providing a perfect goggle-to-face-fit with hours of riding comfort. Moisture wicking fleece will keep you nice and dry while you’re tear ‘in up the slopes.

Best yet is that these Anon Snow Goggles come with two sets of lenses. Yes, that’s right! It’s like two goggles for the price of one! One lens shield is for those bright sunny days and the other is for the unfortunate gloomy and foggy days. And with Anon’s Magna-Tech quick lens change technology, you can probably swap lenses while on the slopes. It is the quickest, easiest, simplest interchangeable system we’ve seen. Integral Clarity Technology (ICT) and full perimeter channel venting ensures clear fog free vision in every condition. Remember the less you clean your lens shield the better but don’t worry because with this interchangeable system you don’t really have to touch the lens and get your fingerprints all over it. For those ladies wanting to stay extra safe while enjoying the slopes, the WM1 Snow Goggle by Anon is helmet compatible. So don’t be afraid to try those crazy tricks and show up the guys.

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