Athlete's are trained from day one to compete at the highest level possible. Whether it is during practice, warm ups, or when it comes time to hit the field, professional athletes prepare themselves to achieve success with every competitive edge they can get their hands on. When the game comes down to those precious moments where the game is on the line, the slightest advantage can make all the difference.

MLB phenom, Bryce Harper, embodies all the characteristics of a super-star athlete. From his highlight reel plays in the outfield to his earth-shattering home runs, Harper has earned himself the title of National League MVP and also a place in history as one of the greatest. A player of his caliber has trained himself to prepare for success better than most. In order to do that he only trains with the best equipment.

Bryce Harper Sunglasses | Nothing but the Best

Bryce Harper in the Under Armour Rival sunglasses.

Harper was recently spotted reppin' the popular Under Armour Rival Sunglasses. The UA Rival is a unique pair of sunglasses that has proven to be extremely versatile with a high level of functionality. The UA Rival has a variety of features that make it some of the best sunglasses offered on the market today.

Under Armour Rival Sunglasses | Top-notch Baseball Sunglasses

Prescription Under Armour Rival sunglasses.

Frame features: There is no denying that the frames on the UA Rival make them one sleek piece of eyewear. Made from ultra-light ArmourFusion® technology, the combination of Grilamid and titanium will make it hard to find a set of performance eyewear that is stronger and more flexible. The adjustable nose pad along with three point grip will ensure the fit is tight and secure. The Rival also features UA AUTOGRIP temple technology which offers an enhanced and articulated level of comfort without any of the unwanted squeeze.

Lens features: Under Armour focused on performance but refused to make any sacrifice in style when choosing the lens design for the Rival. This model features ArmourSight® lens technology, which is the forefront of the industry. ArmourSight® allows for up to 20% more distortion-free peripheral vision while increasing the lens strength in comparison to ordinary polycarbonate lenses up to 10x. With a 72mm lens width, the Rival won't block vision of anything coming your way. On top of that, all this extra lens surface is protected by Under Armour's guarantee of all Performance eyewear to block out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

To Be the Best, You Have to Wear the Best

The UA Rival is among the top-tier when it comes to options in performance baseball sunglasses. If you want to take your game to the next level with a pair of Bryce Harper sunglasses, then look no further than the UA Rival. Need prescription? Get all things Under Armour prescription online at SportRx. If you have any other questions about the Under Armour Rival, sizes in general, or anything pertaining to prescription Under Armour sunglasses and eyeglasses, feel free to contact us!