Found a frame, but stuck with an indecision on the lens color? SportRx has you covered. Join us as we compare the two most popular lens colors for polarized sunglasses and provide guidance on the best option for your lifestyle. This is a complete review of brown vs gray polarized lenses!

Table of Contents

A. Video Overview
1. Brown Polarized Lenses
2. Gray Polarized Lenses
B. Brown VS Gray Polarized Lenses
1. For Sports
2. For Driving
3. For Bright Light
C. Prescription Polarized Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Video Overview

Check out Eyeglass Tyler's comparison overview of brown vs gray polarized lenses. Continue reading, for a detailed summary.

Brown Polarized Lenses

Brown polarized lenses are a runner-up in popularity; however, if you're looking for contrast-enhancement, these lenses beat the competition. This color excels at enhancing details, brightening colors, and providing overall greater contrast. It also makes the surroundings appear brighter, which further enhances this more saturated color experience.

Oakley Wheelhouse in tortoise with brown polarized PRIZM lenses.

Oakley Wheelhouse in Polished Brown Tortoise with PRIZM™ Tungsten Polarized Lenses

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Gray Polarized Lenses

Gray polarized lenses are one of the most common colors for sunglasses, and for good reason. They're available in a variety of tints, from very dark to a light gradient — each offering a different amount of visible-light transmission. Dark lenses offer a darker visual experience, since less light passes through. Gray lenses also deliver a natural, true-to-world color perception. There is no saturation enhancement or brightening of colors.

Maui Jim Ho'okipa polarized sunglasses in glossy black with grey lenses.

Maui Jim Ho'okipa in Gloss Black with Neutral Gray Lenses

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Brown VS Gray Polarized Lenses

Now that we've seen both lens colors, let's see which is best based on the activity or lighting conditions.

Man running on beach shows gray vs brown polarized lenses and how that affects your vision.

For Sports

Senior Optician Eyeglass Tyler advises that contrast-enhancing lenses are best for all sports.

Contrast-enhancement provides greater depth perception cues, boosts detail clarity, differentiates colors, and ultimately leads to an easier read of the terrain. As a result, brown lenses are the winner for sports.

Want a more specific lens recommendation for your sport? Follow the lens guides below.

For Driving

Both lenses provide the glare-reducing benefits of polarization, but the color ultimately depends on your personal preference. Gray is a popular choice for its true-to-world color experience and brown is ideal for contrast-enhancement. With greater contrast, details of the road appear clearer and your vision will feel more relaxed during your commutes.

For specific lens recommendations, visit our lens color guide for driving.

For Bright Light

When it comes to bright and sunny days, gray polarized lenses are the best choice. Gray is one of the most dense lens colors, and thus absorbs the most amount of light. By allowing less light through the lens, your vision will stay safe from eye fatigue and eye strain created by squinting.

Sometimes brown and gray polarized lenses can contain the same light transmission and, if you compare the two, brown lenses may appear brighter. This is simply due to the brown lenses' contrast enhancement, which naturally brightens some of your surroundings.

SportRx Insider Tip: Looking for the least amount of light transmission (aka darkest lens)? Add a mirror to your polarized lenses for maximum sun protection!

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