Bifocal safety glasses? What exactly are they? Well to be frank, they're special bifocal glasses that are designed with durability in mind, and feature ANSI and/or MIL-PRF certifications to permit them on the construction site. We specially formulate them with either progressive or lined-bifocals to suit your safety to your specific sight needs!

Now, in addition to the snazzy bifocal lenses and ANSI certifications, we can add anti-fog coatings to the lenses incase you work in a high-heat or high-demand environment. We can also polarize the lenses if you're working in a highly-reflective environment. It doesn't stop there though. We know your lighting may not always be optimal, so tinted lenses are optional as well as transitional lenses that change their hues based on lighting incase, you know, you cherish your eye sight?

We've recently noticed a pattern in questioning the validity of Bifocal Safety glasses, so we wanted to make sure you knew that yes, you can protect your eyes while remaining 20/20. Shop our large collection of prescription safety glasses and nonprescription safety glasses online at SportRx. We offer them from reputable companies like 7Eye, ArmouRx, Bolle, Smith, Spy, Tifosi, Under Armour, Wiley X and more! So if your bifocal needs extend to the realm of danger, contact SportRx today and we'll make sure you're set up with a stylin, sightful, and safe pair today!