When you head out for a ride, you never forget to grab your sunglasses right? So obviously, they need to be an unforgettable pair. They need to protect your eyes from suns strong UV rays and unexpected debris that, they should fit seamlessly under your helmet and of course, need to be speak to your sense of style. Well SportRx has got you covered for all your cycling sunglass needs.

Check out the Best Cycling Sunglasses of 2019 updated list before your next ride!

Oakley Jawbreaker

The Oakley Jawbreaker is no joke. With the Lightweight O Matter frame material and three-point ventilation lens they your ride smooth and breezy. Their extended upper peripheral vision provide make for the ideal wear for riding smooth and with ellipse metal icon accents they make riding more stylish

What are the best cycling sunglasses? I get this question a lot. Throughout my years of cycling, I have encountered countless pairs of glasses. Here are a few of my favorites that I recommend to my customers at SportRx:

Oakley Racing Jacket

Oakley Racing Jacket

Oakley Racing Jacket Formerly known as the Jawbone. These have been out a few seasons now and I still wear them. What I love about them is the ease of interchangeability of the lenses, which are vented to help prevent fogging. You can even get the vented lenses in prescription as well as customize the frames in a variety of colors.




Rudy Project Stratofly

Rudy Project Stratofly

Rudy Project Stratofly It’s sort of an updated version of the popular Rydon glasses. These have adjustable nose pads, are really comfortable, and super lightweight. They also have interchangeable lenses.





Smith Pivlock Overdrive Sunglasses

Smith Pivlock Overdrive

Smith Pivlock OverdriveThese are fantastic. They have a great interchangeable system, a lot of lens coverage, a variety of cool colors, and a really comfortable adjustable nose pad system.

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